Submit Evidence

Riding the Pacific Coast was hard, but preparing the evidence for Guinness World Records was harder. Today, two months after completing the ride, I clicked this button.

Required Evidence

Cover letter

Identification – birth certificate, marriage certificate, current ID

Bicycle data – GPS files (41)

Daily logs (38 detailed) plus a summary

Witnesses (77)

Specialist witness statement

Photographic evidence (41 photos)

Videographic evidence (264 files that took six long days at the computer to upload)

Media articles (6)

Miscellaneous (description of the continent-sized peace sign project showing portions that involved Guinness World Record setting)

Now I wait up to 12 weeks while the folks at Guinness World Records evaluate my evidence. I’m glad the holidays will keep me distracted!

Happy holidays to all of you!


©2021 Lynnea C Salvo

10 thoughts on “Submit Evidence

  1. Must be satisfying to click that button. I’m sure you will have plenty to keep you occupied as you wait these next weeks.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Eileen Smith

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  2. Dear Lynn. Merry Christmas to you and the family. Congratulations on your latest record -setting bike ride. It is always a treat to follow your notes and pictures and think about you and your peace records. Many thanks. Have a great 2022. Love, Ginny

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