In Mint Condition

I met Andy and Julia at gorgeous Kathryn’s Cove on Lake Superior while on my trans-Canada trek last summer. I had approached a family to ask them to be a witness for my record attempt. They were in a hurry but pointed to Andy and Julia and said, “They look like they have time. Try … More In Mint Condition


I may have mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again. I make a point of allowing the blog title and content emerge from the day’s ride. When I saw this building near the end of today’s ride, I suddenly knew today’s title. We exited our modest hotel very early this morning to winter, at … More Weather-beaten

Healthy State

Of the four states we’ve ridden in on this north leg of the peace sign, North Dakota has seemed the healthiest. The economy seems robust. It’s based on oil and gas but it’s diversifying. The leaders have set up the Legacy Fund to prepare for the time when oil and gas reserves either end or … More Healthy State


On a long bike tour, you pretty much have to expect at least one day like this. The wind roars, grass flails towards you as does the occasional flag, you drink and still get a dehydration headache, the scenery inches by. As clouds and I went opposite directions, I watched their shadows race toward me. … More Headwind


The bison is the National Mammal of the US, made so by acts of Congress in 2015. In 1800, 40 million bison roamed the prairies. By 1889, they were slaughtered to the brink of extinction, with only 541 individuals left. A few people took steps in the brink of time to save the species. Now, … More Bison