After a breakfast of scones homemade by Orion, the amazing woman who billeted us the last two nights in Winnipeg, Connie and I set off for our first ride/SAG together. The route took us past the longitudinal center of Canada. It’s not the midpoint of my ride, however, because the route does not go straight east … More Centers

Making Peace

Today was a Peace-ful day off the bike. I attended the Winnipeg Quaker meeting and was given time to share my ride and purpose and a few tales from the road and to take deep questions from the group.  I shared this discouraging image from a visit to the United Nations building in New York … More Making Peace

Parallel Universes

For most of today’s ride, there were four parallel universes from left to right — the place for cars, the place for bikes, the place for wetland birds, and the place for trains.  For the most part, each universe was unto its own, but occasionally, one would interact with another.  Red-winged blackbirds felt threatened by … More Parallel Universes

Plan B

When my route was all planned and split into days, there was one piece that worried me — 139 miles from Brandon to Winnipeg. It’s critical that I get to Winnipeg on time because that’s where 1) Susie flies home for a vacation from me and our friend, Connie, flies in to take her place, and … More Plan B

Rolling Buffet

“Cherries? Peanut butter crackers? Raspberries? Potato chips? Omelet? Water? Ice?” Susie drives up behind me and asks what I’d like. She takes really good care of me. I am really really lucky. Today was the one of the rare days I had company for the entire ride — Dave Goodrich. Dave’s ride, Two Holes in the … More Rolling Buffet