Old friends in Belluno, Italy. New friends in Stephens City, Virginia.

Sorry there was no blog this morning. We didn’t have internet last night. At home, we are friends with Allison and Enzo. Enzo is Italian and has a lovely family home in Belluno. They have arranged their life to be able to spend four to six months in this amazing place in the Dolomite Mountains … More Old friends in Belluno, Italy. New friends in Stephens City, Virginia.

Whoops, uphill again

Continuing westward into Italy, we mostly rode uphill today, with splendid mountain views surrounding us. We had over 100 feet of elevation gain per mile, and that’s hard! Of course, we’re pretty seasoned now, but still. At least, it was “only” 38 miles. The setting is magnificent, but the last hill to our lodging, Albergo … More Whoops, uphill again

Into Italy (and DC)

Four miles into today’s ride, we crossed into Italy, our 11th country, the first whose language I speak. We rolled gently downhill nearly the entire day in perfect weather, cycling on the Adria Way, a scenic rail trail that follows the Fella River over several spectacular rail bridges and through a tunnel. Of the entire … More Into Italy (and DC)


Callyn and I picked up the Trail of the Wire near our lodging and followed it another seven miles south and west of Ljubljana. It’s a very popular route for walkers. As we exited the city, we could see mountains ahead. We were headed right for them. The temperature dropped conveniently as we worked our … More Cycleraderie

What’s in Štore?

Our second farmstay in Slovenia! We’ve arrived at Domačija Artišek. Here’s a link to its photo gallery. To have the views they have, the buildings have to be up a steep hill. Shhh. We walked our bikes up. On the way there, we slithered peacefully through endless fields. Each small town had its grain elevator. … More What’s in Štore?

Midpoint Relax

Sometimes you get the pacing right on a long trip but, occasionally, a place calls out too loudly to let you go on. And, at my age, there’s no guarantee there will be an opportunity to return. As I mentioned yesterday, we are in Keszthely at the southwestern end of Lake Balaton, where we decided … More Midpoint Relax