Canada is ON!

At the moment today that marked the one year anniversary of finishing my crossing of the US that set a Guinness World Record, I heard from GWR again. This time it was their affirmative response to an application I filed almost 11 months ago to set a record for the oldest female to cross Canada!  … More Canada is ON!


What happens if you nibble a cookie? You end up eating all of it! What happens if you nibble away at a coastline a pedal stroke at a time? You complete it! It’s been a delightful journey for the cause of suicide prevention with a ragtag bunch of unherdable cats from my home in McLean … More Nibbling


Yesterday, it was hot. Last night there was a lightning storm that delivered coolness this morning and intense wind from the northeast, just right for our ride southward today! Suzanne and I flew down Rt 17 (again), stopped for breakfast in Kingsland (NOT at Waffle House), then crossed the St. Mary’s River into Florida, the … More Wind


The girl posse was down to two today — Suzanne and me. The wind was favorable and we flew. As always, we were in pursuit of breakfast, and in serious pursuit beginning about Mile 10. Suzanne knows the type of place I like and she knows it’s not Waffle House. We staved our hunger by … More Waffling

Spanish Moss Trail

I could not believe it. Today’s ride, like yesterday’s, began with 52 miles of flat, straight, not scenic miles. Our girl posse was down to three as the hoped-for posse-bility of Jenn and Robin riding with us a little longer, alas, did not come to pass. I hear they are sleeping on soft cushy beds … More Spanish Moss Trail