Submit Evidence

Riding the Pacific Coast was hard, but preparing the evidence for Guinness World Records was harder. Today, two months after completing the ride, I clicked this button. Required Evidence Cover letter Identification – birth certificate, marriage certificate, current ID Bicycle data – GPS files (41) Daily logs (38 detailed) plus a summary Witnesses (77) Specialist … More Submit Evidence

A few miles to go

The sun-drenched road undulates ahead of me, the ocean glistening on my right. “Just a few miles to go,” I hear a voice say. I awaken from my dozenth iteration of this nightmare and a deep deep 12-hour sleep. My body is demanding the rest I deprived it of for six weeks. When we passed … More A few miles to go

Peace Complete

[I just found this blog post in my drafts, written October 17, 2021. I thought I had published it. Oh my. It’s out of time sequence now but I’m going to share it anyway.] About 3:40 PM, at Dog Beach in San Diego, we dipped our front wheels in the Pacific Ocean, then lifted our … More Peace Complete

Give Peace a Chance

The mint Give Peace a Chance coin that Andy and Julia gave me when Brenda and I completed the northern spoke of the peace sign in September 2019 has now traveled with me to the end. My brother’s wedding ring has traveled around my neck close to my heart from Everett, where his sister-in-law, Anne, … More Give Peace a Chance

Seal the Deal

When I get it in my mind to do something, not a lot can stop me. Today I had to find the sea lion sculpture that Pete back home sent me a picture of. During a non-traumatic traverse of Los Angeles, four miles of bike path along Los Angeles’ concrete river, and countless beach miles, … More Seal the Deal

Let Friendship Ring

I checked the weather forecast when I woke up after the glorious evening of music — a wind advisory, with wind from the east, the exact direction we were headed. The first pedal stroke out of our hotel in Port Hueneme was right into the grip of it. We had a lot of miles to … More Let Friendship Ring


We have reached Southern California. Finally, on the 39th day of 43, we experienced the pleasantly warm sunny weather we had imagined for the whole trip. This was also the first day of flat terrain — not a single noteworthy climb. The Pacific Ocean was in view nearly the entire day from clever trails, bike … More Chords