As for the 70-day trip across Canada, I had planned this sweet little trip in detail and made all the hotel reservations. In Canada, we adhered mostly to the plan. On this trip, the weather has been so different from the forecast that we have had to make constant adaptations. We have not stayed in … More Bogue-us


We passed the town of Sealevel today while riding from Cedar Island to Beaufort, NC. That was after a 2 1/4 hr ferry ride from Ocracoke to Cedar Island. The whole area is barely above sea level, at least the current sea level. It’s been battered by two hurricanes already just this season. And with … More Sealevel


Anne and I packed only what we needed in her panniers and my backpack, parked my car in Kill Devil Hills, and untethered. What we took is so minimal that it feels like a tiny house on wheels. Spectacular tailwind got us to today’s planned destination before 1. I’m not one to waste tailwind so … More Untethered

Halloween Treat!

On October 3, after four weeks sitting at my computer, I clicked on the Submit button to turn in all my evidence to Guinness World Records. Instantly, a message appeared that I could have my review expedited if I paid a lot of money; otherwise, I was looking at a 15-week wait. I prepared to … More Halloween Treat!

Soon home

The need to dewater woke me from a profound sleep. Where was the door to the bathroom? What was that other door? I went out the second door. Wow! This place I am staying has a beautiful nighttime view and a nice living room. How did I miss that when I came in? In my … More Soon home