It’s Official!

My interview on Monday, November 21, with Claire McClanahan of Guinness World Records was great fun! She’s a skilled interviewer and a very warm person. Here’s a link to the video of the interview in which you can see the moment in which Claire told me I had set the record for the oldest female … More It’s Official!


I had a restless night back in October in our motel in Elkton MD as I was thinking about the trip nearing completion. What spilled out of my head onto a notepad was a preliminary list of people who helped me on this fantastic journey. A few days ago, I typed those notes into a draft that turned … More Acknowledgments

One Last Mountain

The coach turned back into a pumpkin.   I’m just another customer at the local store buying my 90% dark chocolate. It feels really strange not to be on a mission. It may seem I’ve vanished from the face of the earth, but the truth is, I’ve been buried in my computer. I thought it would … More One Last Mountain


Please forgive me but celebrations and get-togethers and pampering have delayed me from getting out this blog. Now here is the blog about EFI. Some cross-country cyclists are purists and require themselves to cycle EFI. I would be one of them. “You receive EFI status when you have cycled every inch of the road of … More EFI