Our “Easy” Day

Dave builds mercy into his bike adventures and today was supposed to be our mercy day, just 42 miles and no climbs. That meant we had time to stop at the local bike shop on our way out of town, Moon Rocks Outfitters. I’ve had an annoying subtle squealing noise almost from the beginning that … More Our “Easy” Day

High Drama

Dave and I started out nicely from Moriarty. We both remarked how easy it felt with no headwind and only mild hills. We easily met Dave’s goal of 10 by 9, 10 miles by 9 AM. A ways out of town, Dave slowed down, then stopped, and remarked that he thought he heard something drop. … More High Drama


It was noon on March 6 that I got the dreaded call. “Your mom is in the hospital. It appears she had a stroke.” Once stabilized, my mom could not walk, swallow, play Rummikubes, or smile. She wanted to talk but could not reliably get out words. On the other hand, her cognitive functions were … More “Always.”