St. Augustine finishRiding and writing — a delicious combo I served myself daily on the Ride to Awareness in 2015, my first cross-country bike tour. I enjoyed blogging so much and the wonderful folks who followed my blog gave me so much encouragement that I decided to continue blogging, not daily but sporadically when inspired. So here is my new blog – Life is Like a Bike.

Speaking of which, the quote that gave this blog its name came from a church sign I saw in my neighborhood as a cross-country ride became no longer a vague dream but a deliberate plan in the works. And it came from none other than Albert Einstein. However, it had been slightly mangled. Here’s the actual quote:

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”



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  1. Hi,,,,Congratulations on your journey. Will there be a ceremony in Bethany Beach to honor your achievement? Would love to be there to witness the joy of what is a remarkable trip. Enjoy! Jim Powers


    1. Thank you, Jim!
      Sunday, October 23, 10:30 am at the totem pole in Bethany Beach. There will be a small group of cyclists to ride in the final mile south to sea colony between Annapolis and Brandywine buildings. I will then roll my bike across the beach and dip my wheel in the Atlantic Ocean.

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      1. 12 Dec. 2016

        Hello Lynn… Congratulations on your significant accomplishment! I have crossed the USA twice, on the Southern Tier and TransAm routes, so can relate to the challenges that you faced, and overcame! There is no similar Guiness World Record for the oldest male to cross America on a bicycle, and your feat has me thinking about it (I will be 77 next year). I would like to talk to you about your experience with Guiness; my email address is below if you are willing to have a discussion.

        Again, congratulations on your achievement!

        Bob Sanders
        Bend, Oregon


      2. Lynn

        Thanks for your postcard. You asked about the origin on my surname. It is Swedish.



      3. Dear Lorne, I apologize for the terrible and rude delay in replying to you. I completely remember you. I recall we met you at Hope Slide on a somewhat cold and overcast day and you kindly completed a witness form for me. Please correct me if I am wrong. I hope you are staying well in this crazy point in world history.


  2. Hi Lynn-have a wonderful final ride to the Atlantic shore. Looks like north westerly winds will push you along tomorrow. I understand there will be a turn out from Sussex Cyclists joining you for different portions of the route tomorrow and Sunday. Sorry I won’t be in town to see a Guinness world record occur!!



  3. Hi Lynn, delighted to see you on the CBC news tonight!, Congratulations as you complete your trip across Canada. A wonderful achievement. We met you last year when you visited beautiful Mahone Bay and I was thrilled to lend you my bike to ride a mile for a group challenge. We will be out riding on Sunday, what a coincidence it would be to meet you again. Do you have an ETA for Lawrencetown? Mary Chipman


    1. Mary,
      I totally remember you and your kindness in lending me your bike at Mahone Bay!
      It would be unbelievable to see you again on Sunday! The ETA is noon. Might that work for you? There’s a very specific spot we have picked out. I’ll try to post it on the blog.
      BTW, I haven’t seen the CBC news spot yet. Looking for it now!


  4. Lynnea, Please email me. We had corresponded just before your Canada trip. I had a couple of questions about the Guinness procedures and rules. Thanks, Bill


  5. Dear Lynn: We received the postcard of your accomplishment. Congratulations and thank you for remembering us from Penticton, BC. Peace right back at you and keep on with your dreams!


    1. Oh, my, Terry and Greg! I got woefully behind on blog comments and missed yours. I remember you perfectly well! You saved me from that awful trail and got me onto a perfectly good road. I am still grateful!
      I hope you are both okay through this hard time!


      1. Lynne, You were truly inspiring to us and we wish you all the best. We are safe and COVID free here in BC. Be kind, be calm and stay safe. (Dr. Bonnie Henry- Public Health Officer of BC ~ 2020)


  6. Hi Lynn,
    It was a pleasure meeting you and your Mom on the ACL cruise. I am awed by your achievements and will be telling my friends about what you have accomplished in the last three years. I will follow your blog posts and look forward to hearing about your European travels next year. Dennis


  7. Best wishes as you make it through the latest ride. I will be starting another journey as well on September 5, 2019. Going from Canada to Mexico. Once again promoting youth mentoring and hopefully amusing anyone who might read the blog.


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