In Four States at Once

On our drive toward California where I will start the ride, my son and I took a tiny detour to Four Corners. In this photo, I am simultaneously in four states at the same time: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.

In this moment, I am simultaneously in four other states: excited, anxious, a little nervous, and tired.

I’m excited to finally get this journey started.

I’m anxious about the level of difficulty I’ve chosen for myself. I got some hints from George Thomas, a member of the RAAM Hall of Fame, about the route for the first day and it sounds pretty challenging. I also drove over Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado with my son and swallowed hard. It will be a 24 mile climb with the last 8 miles at 7% grade. I keep reminding myself that I’ve done really hard hill climbing and that I should be able to do this. Aside from climbing, there’s the desert. The temperature maxed out at 108 degrees when I drove through to preview the route in reverse. If it weren’t for my friend, Susie, providing cheerleading and ice water from my car as we proceed, I wouldn’t be doing this.

I’m a little nervous about whether I’ve gotten all the Ps and Qs straight for the recordkeeping required for Guinness World Records. I think that part is harder than the cycling.

I’m tired from driving, training, making arrangements, organizing logistics and hotels, making sure there will be witnesses at the start, preparing what to record on the required videos, and so on. I’m not sleeping in my own bed or eating the amazing meals my husband cooks regularly, though I am kindly being hosted by my good friend, Allison, in San Diego, as I prepare to begin. She and I did our first ever century (100 mile ride) together several years ago and that was when the seed for a cross country ride got planted.

Completing the first day’s ride from Oceanside to Rincon, CA will help. Stay tuned!




10 thoughts on “In Four States at Once

  1. Lynn, This is the first time I have ever heard you say you were tired, Please rest up a day or so and see how you feel. As far as the technicalities, you can always find someone to help you.
    I had a marvelous time at Bethany with Sole & Jacob- really got to bond with Jacob=-and Sole must have whispered in Giovanni’s ear because ha had the cleaning under his control.
    We all sat mesmerized every evening gazing at the full moon shedding its light in direct line over the Atlantic to our balcony. The Harvest moon was spectacular.
    Please do not undertake this until you feel better!


  2. I love the descriptions of your four states! Will your bike route take you through Four Corners? What a great place for someone who appreciates crossing state borders as much as you do. I’m excited for you and looking forward to traveling with you vicariously. Remember you are always in the place you are meant to be–not the right words, but you know what I mean because you always say it. You have prepared well for this trip. Now enjoy it! Thank you for taking time to write this blog so we can all enjoy it with you.


  3. Be strong and have faith, Lynn. So happy to hear that Susie is coming along for the ride giving you support, encouragement, hope and loads of fun and laughs. You could not have a better partner. You can and will do this!


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