Going Steady

Way back when I was a teenager, it was a big deal in dating when someone starting going steady.  In an impressionable and imaginative teenage mind, that was only one step away from marriage. For the parents, going steady that young was certain disaster. Today I went steady with Nate, Hurricane Nate, that is, blowing … More Going Steady


Things won’t always go your way. I had more headwind today than on my entire cross-country trip last year. Maybe it’s called headwind partly because it can get to your head. What works on the bike may also work in life. Get behind something that blocks the wind. Today I rode (no, flew) to the North … More Headwind

Deep Resources

Today we all rode together to Jamestown where we were to take a ferry across the James River. Just before we boarded, we heard “psssft.” One of the group had a flat. Two stayed behind with the person to fix the flat and the rest of us figured we’d go ahead and take the ferry … More Deep Resources

Toano VA

Toano is dwarfed in fame by nearby Jamestown and Williamsburg. It’s seriously rural, in stark contrast to urban Richmond that we left this morning. We cycled to Toano because our ride organizer, Curt, could not find free accommodations for our group in the more famous places. We are guests of the Pride of Toano, a … More Toano VA