I could hear Vaughan’s* voice in my ear. “If you get a good wind in the prairie, ride it and ditch your plan.” For several days, I’ve been seeing big wind predicted for Saturday. Then came confirmation that it would be out of the west. Hooray! Kim Swanson, our host in Medicine Hat, showed me … More Delivered


Yesterday’s ride lacked entertainment for my eyes. The rare visual attraction came in the form of irrigation canals. You can see how extensive irrigation is in the Relive video. Alberta captures energy, old and new.   The energy that I haven’t seen captured here is wind. For 7 1/2 hours yesterday, I was its hostage. … More Energy


By car today we visited Dinosaur Provincial Park. This is the unvarnished version of the Royal Tyrrell Museum out in the badlands where a lot of dinosaur fossils are found. This is a dinosaur fossil that was left in place where it was found. I found it pleasing to see a fossil in its original … More Badlands