Spanish Moss Trail

I could not believe it. Today’s ride, like yesterday’s, began with 52 miles of flat, straight, not scenic miles. Our girl posse was down to three as the hoped-for posse-bility of Jenn and Robin riding with us a little longer, alas, did not come to pass. I hear they are sleeping on soft cushy beds … More Spanish Moss Trail

Calm-52 Storm-16

I was pretty excited that Charleston SC was on the bike route. I knew it was famous but I didn’t know why. I had two reference points for Charleston. My longer term reference was a book called Small Craft Advisory by Louis Rubin, Jr., an evocative recounting of Rubin’s childhood years in Charleston building his … More Calm-52 Storm-16

Girl Posse-bilities

This delicious day began with a stunning sunrise in Calabash NC. Though we were all together at the crossing into South Carolina (photo below), a short distance later, the girls happened to split off into a girls posse. Jenn set a gentle pace for us that we could all keep. When the pace is right, … More Girl Posse-bilities


As soon as we exited the air-conditioned church in Wilmington, NC, we were drenched. It wasn’t raining, but the humidity was almost 100%. We were near water bodies all day, first the Cape Fear River, then the Atlantic Ocean. This Relive video shows it splendidly. There was water over us in the sky and under … More Water

Going Steady

Way back when I was a teenager, it was a big deal in dating when someone starting going steady.  In an impressionable and imaginative teenage mind, that was only one step away from marriage. For the parents, going steady that young was certain disaster. Today I went steady with Nate, Hurricane Nate, that is, blowing … More Going Steady


Things won’t always go your way. I had more headwind today than on my entire cross-country trip last year. Maybe it’s called headwind partly because it can get to your head. What works on the bike may also work in life. Get behind something that blocks the wind. Today I rode (no, flew) to the North … More Headwind