How Sweet It Is

The next to last ride had a little bit of everything: anticipation of the finish, looking forward to meeting a new group of cyclists, a drawbridge, light rain, tailwind, boardwalk, and a touch of headwind. There was also an unexpected encounter and reconnection with family on the eve of the last ride. The rain was supposed to … More How Sweet It Is


Could we have yet another gorgeous day? And in Flatland, no less? I was focused on looking for the street where I had to make my first turn when I saw the Prius parked on the shoulder. Susie was at the Delaware state line! It took me by surprise and Susie and I both had a teary … More Flatland


I wanted to end my ride at the Atlantic Ocean and would have continued on the RAAM route to Annapolis had it been possible to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on a bicycle. However, it is not allowed. Instead, when Joan designed this route, she found a crossing over the Susquehanna River on the Conowingo … More Countdown

Mother’s Day

Back on October 13, last week (but what feels like a century ago), while hoping the rain would go away, we visited the site that makes Grafton WV famous. Mother’s Day began in the city of Grafton WV. The first observance of Mother’s Day was held in 1908 at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church on Main Street … More Mother’s Day

Jack’s Mountain

This time I knew. There would be two climbs today. The first was right out of RAAM Time Station 50 in Rouzerville on Old State Road 16 East. A poor old dog tried to catch me and a bug did catch me. I needed my hands on the handlebars to climb so I couldn’t bat the … More Jack’s Mountain

What I Didn’t Know

My strategy has been to look at the next day’s route just the night before. No point in worrying about a ride that will take place days or weeks away, right? So when I gloated in the blog about the ride from Cumberland to Hancock that I had completed the last mountain climb, I’m betting that … More What I Didn’t Know

Climb Every Mountain

In the midwest, I cycled grain elevator to grain elevator. Now I’m cycling cell tower to cell tower. The towers are usually at the tops of hills, so when I spot them, I know I’m getting close to the top of a climb. There were lots of cell towers as I crossed the five mountains from … More Climb Every Mountain