My Support-and-Gear (SAG) Crew

Three wonderful people will accompany me nearby driving my Prius while I ride my bike across Canada.

First is Susie Schmitt, my friend of over 40 years. Susie was my main support and gear (SAG) driver during my 2016 ride across the US, on which I set my first Guinness World Record – oldest female to cross the US by bike. Not only did Susie drive nearby, she always calmed me down as I approached parts of the ride that gave me trepidation.susie-in-durango

Second is Connie Whaley, who joined Susie for a while during my 2016 ride. This time, Connie is going to do a whole week with me by herself!support-vehicle-upgraded

Third is Sandra West, my sister-in-law, who stepped in on short notice when my previously arranged SAG driver was no longer able to do it. Sandra drove SAG for eleven days across the US Midwest.

I would not even attempt to do this ride without their support and I’m incredibly grateful for their enthusiasm.