International Day of Peace

As promised, yesterday’s was a special ride. Not in Europe. Right here at home. It was the International Day of Peace that serendipitously is the same day as my birthday. I mapped out a peace sign 73 miles long, a mile for each of my years. Patty, Catherine, and I started at the Vienna (Virginia) Train Station, where there’s a whimsical mural on the side of an adjacent building.

The route consisted of four loops all starting and ending at the train station. That provided multiple opportunities for anyone who felt the need to end their participation.

The first loop was 22 miles. It involved crossing major roads, riding alongside morning traffic at points, using old trails that haven’t been maintained, and interpreting the Garmin’s instructions. The Garmin bike computer gets quite confused when a route overlaps itself, as it did for each spoke of the peace sign.

After the first loop, Catherine elected not to continue, so it was Patty and me for the next loop, which was 16 miles. Catherine chose to ride on the more tranquil Washington and Old Dominion Trail and thereabouts, and we met back up for lunch in Vienna.

Catherine, Patty, and me

After lunch, Patty and I had two more loops to do. Fortified, we set forth. We knew beforehand that there were going to be 4,300 feet of climbing on this route. That’s a lot, but spread out over 73 miles, it’s slightly less daunting. But I have to say, even though we climbed numerous hills, I never felt the challenge of the climbing. That obstacle melted in importance because the goal was grand. Something similar happened in Mississippi when I cycled the Civil Rights spoke of the continent-sized peace sign. Part of the route was necessarily on a high-speed unfriendly highway. However, the fact that it was part of a grand plan got me through it.

International Day of Peace 73-mile ride

Look at the birthday surprise that Giovanni assembled that awaited me when I stumbled into the house after the fascinating ride. Way to go, Giovanni! He’s making good use of the extra time his chemotherapy has provided!

© 2022 Lynnea C Salvo

18 thoughts on “International Day of Peace

  1. What a way to celebrate Peace and your Birthday! Giovanni has done well with the treats he spread out for you upon your return!
    So glad he seems to be tolerating his treatments so well!

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  2. Happy Birthday, Lynn:
    I thought about you on your birthday, September 21st. And I further remembered you when I drove past the US Institute for Peace building that day after reading earlier in the morning it was the International Day of Peace. And finally, I recalled the visit by our group of cyclists that you arranged to visit the Institute of Peace this summer. We heard a lecture about a peace project that changed my views on the Institute from doubtful to more positive in advocating for peace worldwide.
    Cheers to Your Life is Like a Bike,

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