Cultural Exchange

The US sent Pete, Callyn, and I to hang out with people on the street in Budapest. Hungary sent its prime minister, Viktor Orbán, to rile up conservatives in Texas. Even exchange, right?

Orbán was recently re-elected Prime Minister of Hungary. Elections in Hungary are somewhat rigged. Orbán follows an authoritarian playbook, a bit of an anomaly in the European Union, but evidently what US conservatives relish.

There was one photo we were set on taking upon arrival in Budapest. We had to get to just the right spot at the right time and take the photo at the right angle.

We wanted to capture the Liberty Statue atop the highest hill in the city through Liberty Bridge.

Liberty Statue atop the hill, Liberty Bridge in the foreground. Screenshot from Google Maps.

Apparently, Orbán believes that hard-won liberty is for some, not all.

Tomorrow we’re spending a “rest day” in Budapest. Item #1: A visit to the (outside of the) house where Pete lived until age 7. He’s going to share a particular story from when he was a kid as guest blogger tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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