Seal the Deal

When I get it in my mind to do something, not a lot can stop me. Today I had to find the sea lion sculpture that Pete back home sent me a picture of. During a non-traumatic traverse of Los Angeles, four miles of bike path along Los Angeles’ concrete river, and countless beach miles, I thought about the sea lion sculpture I had to find in Corona del Mar.


The sea lion sculpture wasn’t in any of the guide books, but Pete’s photo was seared in my mind. As we got close, a huge hill appeared. “Can we do that?,” I asked the team. As if it were a silly question, they all zoomed up the hill. I followed.

The way I remembered the photo, the sea lion and her baby clung to a cliff. We looked over the cliff to which that hill brought us. There was no sculpture on that cliff. On a beautiful Saturday, lots of people were out enjoying the natural splendor. I asked a man if he was local. “Yes,” he said. “Do you know where the seal sculpture is?” The blank expression on his face told me he didn’t. I asked a woman who walked like she lived there. “Yes, it’s on the next cliff. You have to walk down a steep hill. You won’t be able to do it in your plastic shoes.” We moseyed ahead. We searched on the cliff face. Nothing. I asked another person. “Don’t know about it and I haven’t seen it.” I took off my shoes and walked down the steep hill to a lookout. Still nothing. I asked two more people. “Nope.” I gave up, frustrated, and walked back up. Then Steve came running up the hill. “I found it!” I took off my shoes again and followed him back down the hill. There it was. I had not remembered Pete’s photo accurately. The sea lion and her baby were nestled amongst black craggy rocks just offshore, not on a cliff at all. Hallelujah!

Steve, who found it!
The cliff below which the sculpture sits

Completing peace has occupied my mind for years now. Tomorrow I wear my brother’s wedding ring around my neck as we complete peace. A journey of 14,500 miles over six years. Seven miles on the San Diego Freeway and the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant situated on a fault line are the hazards I know about between me and this goal.

Ride details

Start: Torrance CA (suburb of Los Angeles)

End: San Clemente CA

Distance: 62.48 miles

Cumulative distance: 1997.92 miles (97% completed)

Elevation gain: 1821 feet

Strava track

Relive video

© 2021 Lynnea C Salvo

7 thoughts on “Seal the Deal

  1. That makes me want to cry tears of joy for you. Congratulations!!! How many years and total miles in the peace sign? The story about the Sealion sculpture is super cool too. Good rolling on the rest of the trip to Mexico. Hope it’s downhill.


  2. Thank you for sharing your struggles and triumphs.
    Your travels. Took you so close to my home in Sonoma County. I was hoping you could stay a night or two here.
    I have so much to share with you to help you and your band of beautiful peacebuilders.
    I hope you have time as you rest and recover from a magnificent journey to read the visionary legislation – Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s HR 1111 . I know it shall blow your mind and inspires you in another awesome struggle to join our campaign to get it passed into law.
    Thank you for all your wonderful stories. – maggi


  3. Dear Lynn:
    Liked Dave Goodrich’s comment, “You have lots of folks riding with you.”
    I am riding with you by reading your posts on John


  4. Lynn, due to some commitments, I’m just catching up with your adventures–and just in time. So glad you found the sea lion statues. It’s great that you find time to write a something about every day and to post your first-rate photos. What’s most impressive is that you make personal connections in so many places. For example, when (earlier) you got the opportunity to ring the Korean Friendship Bell.


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