Three Eyes and a Nose on Top of Your Head

Brenda’s home is Wichita, Kansas. It’s so flat there that she didn’t know how to release the emergency brake on her car, our support vehicle, having never applied the brake in her flat homeland.

Yesterday, Brenda drove her car down San Francisco’s iconic Lombard Street. I, in the passenger seat, gripped my seat. Brenda dive bombs down the steepest hills in her Sherman tank of a bike. It’s a recumbent bike and weighs at least twice what each of the other cyclist’s bikes weighs. (She says I’m a little hesitant on hills.)

Nothing about her bike makes the uphills easier. She grinds up them with the stiffest of wills and utter determination.

Each coastal community seemed to try to outdo its neighboring one for the beauty of their local trail.

Rockaway Beach’s bike version of San Francisco’s Lombard St

The guide books gave us a choice between going through the Tom Lantsos Tunnel or the Devils Slide Trail. They said the slide was steeper but the views were worth it.

Devil’s Slide

The preservation of these wild areas was largely the handwork of Ollie Mayer, who graduated from the same college I went to 10 years before I was born.

Brenda has flatly stated that she’s never going to climb another hill after this trip. Don’t tell her but we have a 66 mile day with 6000 feet of climbing coming up. When she gets home and tells what she’s done and seen, folks are going to say she’s got three eyes and a nose on top of her head.

Ride details

Start: San Francisco

End: Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Distance: 51.9 miles

Cumulative distance: 1476.34 miles (We’ve cycled over 70% of the way!)

Elevation gain: 3104 feet

Strava track

Relive video

(C) 2021 Lynnea C Salvo

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