Biking Bookended by Birding

Dave’s wife, Connie, is an avid birder. She arranged a birding outing in Santa Fe with a gal named Cheryl Grindle. I had my first experience searching seriously for the flutter in a bush or the shadow in the sky with Cheryl, Connie, and Dave.

Cheryl recommended that Connie check out Rattlesnake Springs near Carlsbad, the end of the trip for Connie and me. So, this morning, we set out early to look for birds before the day got too hot or the wind got too high.

I was glad to be a newbie on this expedition. I had no log to keep or photos to capture. I could just be with the birds. Among the three of us, we spotted a couple of first sightings for Connie, including a vermilion flycatcher, a summer tanager, and a Western tanager.

Dave first heard a turkey, then we saw it come sauntering down the road, displaying his tail feathers, and acting like the king of the road.

Birding requires stillness and patience and a sharp eye. Here, Dave and Connie search for birds at Rattlesnake Springs.

My backyard at home is fairly large and backs up to a creek and woods. I know I’ve seen a hawk. I’m going to invite Connie over to bird in my backyard, and I bet it will never be the same for me again.

Thanks to Connie for opening my eyes (and ears) to this new way of being.

©2021 Lynnea C Salvo

2 thoughts on “Biking Bookended by Birding

  1. I can’t wait to learn the birds you have in your yard.

    I’ve known there were birds in my yard, but I didn’t pay attention, and I didn’t see them very often. Then we got bird feeders. Oh my. Our yard is full of beautiful birds. We have pileated woodpeckers and red-bellied woodpeckers that I had never seen before! We have robins, house sparrows, hummingbirds, tufted black-crested titmouse and more! So fun to watch.


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