Our “Easy” Day

Dave builds mercy into his bike adventures and today was supposed to be our mercy day, just 42 miles and no climbs. That meant we had time to stop at the local bike shop on our way out of town, Moon Rocks Outfitters. I’ve had an annoying subtle squealing noise almost from the beginning that has been getting stronger. I suspected it was the rotor. Uri, the mechanic at Moon Rocks, indeed found the rear rotor to be slightly bent and he straightened it. The bike still squealed on a test ride. Then he adjusted the brake calipers so he could see the same amount of light on both sides of the brake. That worked! I had a bike-silent ride today but not a silent ride.

Uri, who fixed my bike

The wind howled. Headwind again! The scenery was so monotonous that I said to Dave that it felt like riding a trainer. Dave reminded me this is desert now and I have to watch more carefully for things.

True. We saw three mammals; two were a pair of antelopes. The third mammal was about the size of a small dog but it hopped away at speed. Jackrabbit came to mind, though I knew it was larger than that. So I still don’t know what it was.

An antelope. Mescal plants in the foreground.

We also saw a feed lot. It reminded me of a scene from the World War I movie, They Shall Not Grow Old, by Peter Jackson. It contained actual footage of soldiers in trenches in the last hours of their lives. Likewise for the cows in the feed lot.

Ride statistics

Start: Roswell, NM

Destination: Artesia, NM (a thriving oil town)

Miles: 42.2

Elevation gain: 351 feet, no climbs (a breather!)

Strava track: https://www.strava.com/activities/5226345170

©2021 Lynnea C Salvo

2 thoughts on “Our “Easy” Day

  1. good morning. i hear that the cure for a head wind is to ride backwards. by the way, don’t rule out a jack rabbit. they can be surprisingly huge. good stuff lynne. keep it coming.


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