High Drama

Dave and I started out nicely from Moriarty. We both remarked how easy it felt with no headwind and only mild hills. We easily met Dave’s goal of 10 by 9, 10 miles by 9 AM. A ways out of town, Dave slowed down, then stopped, and remarked that he thought he heard something drop. We stopped briefly to look, fortunately, long enough for Strava to notice a change in pace.

Sixteen miles out of Moriarty and two miles north of Estancia, we noticed a large solar field. Since Dave’s ride theme is energy – oil vs renewables – it warranted a stop to document with a photograph. Dave reached for his phone and that’s when he realized what the sound was he had heard.

We shifted into two modes – panic and problem solving. We reached Connie by text. Dave asked her to try the Find My iPhone feature. She wasn’t getting a signal. That’s when I remembered that Strava logs all sorts of data from my Garmin, including speed. We got to a cafe in Estancia, New Mexico, and I stopped my ride on the Garmin and loaded it to Strava.

Since we hadn’t stopped except for that one time, I looked for a drop in speed on the activity profile. There was only one at about 4.9 miles from our start. In the meantime, Connie had gotten a brief ping on Find My iPhone close to Pumpkin Patch Road. That matched the location of our brief stop.

I am now in a cafe in Estancia while Connie and Dave drive back to the ping. Fingers crossed that all our technology and problem-solving skills locate Dave’s phone.

In the meantime, we are riding on the road called Salt Mission Trail.

More later.

©2021 Lynnea C Salvo

5 thoughts on “High Drama

  1. Lynn,
    You and Dave plus your Mom’s watchful eye will find the phone and continue in peace and relief.
    Prayers and wishes for good weather and winds in the right direction!


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