Solar Searching

Today’s ride in Spain from Arenas de San Pedro to Guadalupe would have been quite ambitious at 91.4 miles with 5835 feet of climbing. Temperatures in the 90s would have added another level of challenge. Record heat and drought in September 2019 exposed an ancient Spanish “Stonehenge” in the Valdecanas Reservoir we’d have crossed.

We’d have been on the lookout for a massive Talayuela Solar Project under construction near the halfway point. That defined the theme of my little substitute ride today. On the way to the beach, we drive by a very large solar array when we turn onto Queen Anne Highway (Rt 404) from Ocean Highway (Rt. 50), but that was too far away.Solar Array on 404 near 50

I called up a local solar company to inquire about something closer and was directed to the Bethany Beach Nature Center with its solar pergola.TCcru4F%TEK25%zNeCn+ew


I, the nature lover, had never been to this tiny gem. A very short trail goes by a heron’s pond and continues on a boardwalk to a secluded observation deck.bcMgyPL7R2G8N+4walXnAQ




On my way home, I tried some new-to-me roads and was instantly rewarded with $20 cash.fullsizeoutput_24fe

I found a modest house with its priorities straight. There must be more residences with solar panels in this sun-drenched beach community.g%JyULY0Q8yLbEC7zudNfw

And I spotted a water tower! While weaving the roads to find it close up, I came upon several views of the Assawoman Canal that was dug over 100 years ago. It’s the very straight thin blue line running NW to SE.Canal on map



Back at home base, I snapped a photo of it from the balcony.fullsizeoutput_2501

There were a lot of treasures in a little 7-mile ride! Here’s the map, the route, and the Relive video.Route on 9-15

©2020 Lynnea C Salvo

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