By car today we visited Dinosaur Provincial Park. This is the unvarnished version of the Royal Tyrrell Museum out in the badlands where a lot of dinosaur fossils are found.






This is a dinosaur fossil that was left in place where it was found. I found it pleasing to see a fossil in its original location.


Here’s a reconstruction of two dinosaurs interacting in the much smaller museum in the park.


This is our brave hostess in Bassano, Arielle, with her 2-yr old daughter, Willa, and dog, Coal, at the top of a formation.IMG_8890

This area got the name badlands from a very limited point of view. What was bad for settlers is a fossil mine for others and a beautiful recreation area for visitors today. It’s even got the designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


One thought on “Badlands

  1. I wanted to say it was Supreme pleasure to meet you and Susie I hope you have a fantastic ride my mother enjoyed meeting you as did Kendra the owner of cactus pizza in Suffield Alberta we would love to see you come by one time again be safe


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