Girl Posse-bilities

This delicious day began with a stunning sunrise in Calabash NC.Sunrise in Calabash

Though we were all together at the crossing into South Carolina (photo below), a short distance later, the girls happened to split off into a girls posse. Jenn set a gentle pace for us that we could all keep. When the pace is right, you don’t think about cycling — your legs just go and you drink in the sights and the company. We were also in perfect accord about stopping for photos. 

I was promised a breakfast stop in Myrtle Beach. I know the kinds of places I like to eat and the list does NOT include Waffle House. Our girl posse passed dozens of possible places to eat, then happened upon Pier House Restaurant in Myrtle Beach. Instantly, every one of us knew that was where we would have breakfast.

Myrtle Beach’s waves enchanted us from the pier. Waves at Myrtle Beach

A good segment of this ride went through Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge where we saw a great white heron, a great blue heron, and a snowy egret (identified by Jenn).Girls on Wooden Bridge near herons

We exited the park area to find Mike-san, our SAG driver, across the street. He graciously took our picture.Girls by Mike near park

The final segment of the day into Georgetown SC was an 11-mile stretch of Highway 17 with fast traffic and no shoulder. Jenn protected our posse by staying at the back and waving traffic around us. Nevertheless, at about the halfway point, we took a break from it.Break from Highway 17

At our lovely lodging in Georgetown SC, Mike-san took a photo of all six girls in our group. Sara wasn’t in our posse because she and her husband, Steve, create their own posse on a tandem bicycle.

All girls at end
Bonnie, Robin, Suzanne, Jenn, me, and Sara

There’s a distinct posse-bility that Jenn and Robin will stick with us longer than they originally planned! Yippee!

Ride details

Calabash NC to Georgetown SC – state line crossing!State crossing 2.jpg

Distance: 63.2 miles

Strava track:

Relive video:


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