It’s Official!

My interview on Monday, November 21, with Claire McClanahan of Guinness World Records was great fun! She’s a skilled interviewer and a very warm person. Here’s a link to the video of the interview in which you can see the moment in which Claire told me I had set the record for the oldest female to cross the US on a bicycle.

During the interview, a video played in the background. I’ve updated it just a bit and here is a link to it.

Here I am at my daughter’s apartment posing with the certificate. That’s the Empire State Building over my right shoulder.lynn-with-the-certificate

With this, I am going to close the blog. I thank you so much for following! Interacting with you was a really fun part of the trip. Now get out there and get your adventure/project/life going – one “pedal stroke” at a time.

Goodbye (for now)!


P.S. In my blog called How Sweet It Is, I told the story of how a cause to ride for emerged shortly before I began. Just in case you’d like to honor the ride with a donation to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), this is the link.

32 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. Thank you for all the time it took to share your adventure through your blog. I very much enjoyed following you all the way! I am retiring in the spring and as a distance bike tourer since the 70’s plan to have more time to get out there while I still can (age 66). I hope you find your next adventure! Best wishes and again congratulations.


  2. Congratulations again. Love the picture. I must show it to all my friends. It was so nice to be a little part of your success story.



    1. Barbara, As I got closer and closer to home and lovely people like you who I knew and the Atlantic, it felt strangely normal to be out there on the bike. Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality!


  3. I loved the video!!  What an awesome accomplishment….I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of you and that I got to be a part of your record setting adventure….Seeya bye!!


    1. Geoffrey, did we meet you at the hotel? I ask because we met another couple at a restaurant in the town of Greensburg and I could not remember which couple was which. Were you there with four beautiful children escaping the hurricane?


  4. Karen, I’m listening to your interview as I continue to write up the blog of my solo bike ride across the country into a book manuscript. I was a 57 yr old woman at the time in the summer of 2015. So much of what I hear you saying sounds so similar to what I experienced. YEs, soooo much of it is a mental game. Congratulations on your accomplishment.


    1. Way to go doing the cross country trip! What route did you ride? Please tell me more!
      Awesome that you are writing up your blog into a book manuscript! I was sort of thinking of doing the same at some point. Would love any tips you can send. Please send your blog address, too!


  5. Lynn–Good job! I watched most of your story on Adv. Cyc Bike Bits and may have missed answers to a few questions I have. You rode 51 days—how many days did you rest while on the tour? How many nights were spent with well-wishers or friends along the way? What was the total cost of your adventure? Did you have much coverage from the media—local newspapers–tv–during the trip? What date did you finish? What bike did you ride–brand–I imagine it was a touring bike–certainly don’t imagine you on a racing bike. Aero bars?
    A few of my buds have ridden across as you, one carrying gear. I may give it a shot some day–(I’m 72).
    My big adventure has been 8 trips, fully loaded, on the Blue Ridge Parkway-Skyline Drive. (You would like the scenery here!).


    1. Tom,
      The complete trip was 59 days with six days off the bike. I spent 14 nights with friends and well-wishers and WarmShowers. I haven’t computed the total cost but imagined with hotels and eating out that it was about $100 – $200 per day. I had some media coverage. I can send you a doc separately that lists it if you like. I didn’t try hard enough, but I’m happy with what I got. I finished on October 23. I rode a Trek Madone, 12 years old, a racing bike with aerobars. I LOVE my aerobars and my good old bike and it’s the only bike I have.

      I rode parts of Skyline Drive on three day trips in Spring and Summer 2016. It’s beautiful and it was the very best training I could have done. Long steady climbs.

      As I said whenever I had the opportunity, “Do it, don’t wait!”


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