I had a restless night back in October in our motel in Elkton MD as I was thinking about the trip nearing completion. What spilled out of my head onto a notepad was a preliminary list of people who helped me on this fantastic journey. A few days ago, I typed those notes into a draft that turned out to be eight single-spaced pages. I was pretty sure no one would read a blog that long.

My SAGs, (Support and Gear or Special Adventure Guides, as you prefer), require special mention. Susie Schmitt, my BFF of forty years, believed in my idea from the very first moment and worked steadily on it with me from our Cumberland to Hancock MD trial ride in April right to the Atlantic Ocean at Bethany Beach in October (and even afterwards). In addition to amazing logistics and many other important detail-oriented skills, Susie brought a gigantic heart to this adventure. Sandra and Mike West did a stellar job giving Susie a break in the middle. The support of my husband, children, siblings, Mom, extended family, and friends was steadfast throughout.

Although I realize it falls short of acknowledging other individual people, I’m going to list the kinds of things people did to help this ride happen.


  • Gave me the freedom to ride
  • Designed, built, and maintained the roads and trails I cycled on
  • Designed the routes I cycled on
  • Connected people and places
  • Kept me inspired
  • Kept me focused
  • Assisted my SAGS
  • Kept us safe
  • Drove carefully and attentively
  • Cycled with me during the ride and during training
  • Kept me healthy
  • Kept my two-wheeler healthy (my Trek)
  • Kept my four-wheeler healthy (my Prius)
  • Solved technological problems and internet issues
  • Took great videos and photos
  • Expressed interest in the ride
  • Followed my blog and story
  • Housed us
  • Provided us with meals
  • Physically and mentally got me to the start of the ride
  • Showed us the inherent good of most humans

In this season of Thanksgiving, I thank you all!

PS: If you are available today at 12:30 PM EST, go to the Guinness World Record Facebook page at to find out when I do if I got the record with the help of this deep squad of wonderful people!


15 thoughts on “Acknowledgments

  1. Where there is a will, there is a way! Congratulations! A well deserved acknowledgement for a woman on a mission. So happy to have followed along and shared this adventure with you!


  2. Way to go Lynn!!! Haven ridden with you I had no doubt you would succeed. As others have mentioned you are an inspiration and I’m sure will continue being that in all you do. Thanks!


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