The Ride by the Numbers

-4: Feet of elevation gain from the beginning to the end of this ride

0: Falls

1: Flat tire (On Day 6, between Parker and Salome AZ, during the headwind)

1: Nail in tire of support vehicle

1: Day I was sick and could not ride (Osage Beach MO)

1: Evening my brother Chris West, wife Laura West, and son John West flew in for a surprise visit (in Yates Center KS)

3: Support and gear (SAG) drivers – Susie Schmitt, Sandra West, and Mike West

3: SAGS in training – Connie Whaley, Harriet Haber, Judy Federline

4: Days with average temperature of 90 during the time I was cycling

4: Days Mike West drove SAG

4: Days my brother Dave West drove nearby us (including Wolf Creek Pass)

5: Stops in bike shops for maintenance and/or repairs

6: Days I did not ride during trip – “rest days” – (Flagstaff AZ, Durango CO, Wichita KS, Osage Beach MO, St Charles MO, Cumberland MD)

6: Overnight accommodations offered free by fellow cyclists through WarmShowers (5) or by hotel owner, Jim Hook, who wanted to support the adventure  (Recapture Lodge in Bluff UT)

7: Friends and family who put us up and put up with us

12: Years – Age of my bike (a Trek Madone)

12: Days my sister-in-law Sandra West drove SAG (including two rest days)

13: States I cycled in (CA, AZ, UT, CO, KS, MO, IL, IN, OH, WV, MD, PA, DE)

14: Days after the ride was over to prepare and send evidence to Guinness World Records

19: State lines I crossed (Back and forth in UT and CO, back and forth twice in MD and PA)

23: Miles of headwind I cycled into during the entire trip of 3163 miles (an astoundingly low number for a cross-country cycling trip)

43: Degrees – Lowest average temperature while cycling (Grafton WV to McHenry MD)

44: Days Susie Schmitt drove SAG, including four rest days (Now that’s a friend for you!)

50: Postcards written by Susie Schmitt (while patiently waiting for me to cycle by)

50: Cycling days with no precipitation out of 53 cycling days

53: Cycling days

56: Days without precipitation out of a total of 59 days

59: Total days of the trip

60: Average miles per day for the 53 cycling days

67: Years – My age for more than half of the trip

90: Degrees – Highest average temperature while cycling (2 days in CA and one each in AZ and KS)

106: Witness forms collected and submitted to Guinness World Records

116: Miles – Longest single day of cycling (with Brenda Mueller from Ulysses to Greensburg KS)

120: Degrees – Hottest temperature while cycling (on Day 4 between Glamis and Blythe CA) – a temperature spike recorded on the Garmin bike computer

2689: Miles ridden between Jan 1 and March 19, 2016, in rain, cold, snow, but not ice (during Freezing Saddles game)

3163: Total miles I cycled from Oceanside CA to Bethany Beach DE

6927: Training miles I cycled in 2016 prior to August 26 when I started this adventure in Oceanside CA 

10,857: Feet above sea level – Highest elevation to which I cycled (the Continental Divide at Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado)

116,440: Feet cycled uphill during this ride (22 vertical miles)

2,000,000: Estimated number of pedal strokes

Many: Bridges I crossed

Very many: People who helped in various ways


Please send suggestions for additional numbers!


20 thoughts on “The Ride by the Numbers

  1. Hey, Lynne – How about # of people following your blog posts, # of postings, # of comments, # of pictures taken…
    Be happy and proud of this accomplishment. So which is harder: the RIDE or the DOCUMENTATION?!
    Eileen Smith


    1. Eileen,
      Documentation was definitely harder. No question about that.
      # of people following blog – I think it was about 200.
      # of postings – One each day I rode (53), a few on days off, and a few before and after. About 60?
      # of comments – Not sure but I enjoyed each one!
      # of pictures taken – A LOT! I submitted at least 245 mini-videos to Guinness World Records plus a couple hundred photos. And lots more were taken.


  2. Number of times you missed a turn or got lost?
    Dates of–and amounts of time between–getting the idea for the record attempt, submitting your application, getting approval, and starting the ride?


    1. Great ideas, Pete! I will have to research each.
      For missed turns or getting lost, I remember one on Day 1 vividly because I ended up at Camp Pendleton with rifles pointed at me.
      For the dates, I’ll have to look them up, but I know for sure I submitted my application in June 2015. I’ll look into it.


  3. How about the number 1 for one terrific lady who will break the world record for bicycling across country in 2016. It is so great to read your blog once again. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful experiences along the way.


  4. This numbers page is FUN.. – Now it’s Monday morning, and we all get the anticipation of the MOMENT when your record becomes official. You continue to be inspiring, Lynne. Thanks for being good at drawing us into the picture. I hope inspiration will extend to more readers, over the coming months or years, too.


  5. Congratulations!!! Did you ever have to
    Push your bicycle for whatever a reason for a hill or bad road? Or would that have effected the record?!!!!
    Very impressive!!!!!


    1. Thank you!
      I remember a couple of tiny instances in which I had to roll my bike. Fortunately, never for hills. The granny gears took care of them. There was some sand for about 20 feet on the Katy Trail in Missouri. There was a road completely out on the route in Middletown OH. It was being rebuilt from scratch and it was just large rocks for maybe a quarter mile. Those are the only instances I remember.


      1. I ride some it and I’m lucky , very lucky, to have my husband as my SAG!!!(but I’m a wimp when it gets cold!! ) We live in Eastern NC.
        I noticed you said you are a vegetarian..I was wondering how you get enough protein…
        I am sure it was more work getting the information together for the Guinness Record than the actual ride.. !!!


    2. B, where are you in North Carolina? I may be cycling in the Brevard area in April. Glad your husband drives SAG for you!
      You asked about where I get my protein. Chocolate has plenty of protein, right? Just kidding. I eat cheese and eggs. I had a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches. I’ve been vegetarian for 27 years so it must be working!
      It took two full weeks to get my records to GWR, but it was worth it in the end. It solidified so many memories!
      Happy New Year!


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