One Last Mountain

The coach turned back into a pumpkin.

img_4820 img_4821

I’m just another customer at the local store buying my 90% dark chocolate. It feels really strange not to be on a mission.

It may seem I’ve vanished from the face of the earth, but the truth is, I’ve been buried in my computer. I thought it would take me three days to prepare the evidence for my records manager at Guinness World Records. Instead, it took me two full weeks.

I got in a little celebrating, a few games of Five Crowns while my family was still at the beach, a day at the spa (very nice gift from my mom!), and one bike and lunch ride with my beloved Babes-on-Bikes. 

That is sparkly gold toenail polish.
Babes-on-Bikes lunch at Caboose Brewery

Otherwise, I’ve been uploading videos to YouTube and Google Drive, scanning witness statements, saving bike files, polishing the daily logs, reviewing and selecting photos, collecting media stories (I’m so pleased that several were interested in the story!), writing the cover letter, and so forth. Eight weeks on my bike, then two weeks on my butt, to document it all. That was the last mountain.

I’ve now got confirmation from Guinness World Records that all the evidence has been received and that it will be reviewed soon. I’ll let you know as soon as I do!

Ride details

None. The blog doesn’t feel right without any.


23 thoughts on “One Last Mountain

  1. Funny how timing can be… Just this morning I remarked to myself before venturing in for my shower before school, “I guess I must resign myself to the fact that Lynn’s adventure is over and I won’t have any morning blogs to read, so stop looking for them.” And what to my wondering eyes should appear!? Thank you for easing my withdrawal from the daily “fix.” I shall wait for your news from Guinness World Records.


  2. Well you rode  the day we did lunch . . . . I guess you coulda used that for ride details….  And hey, you voted today, right? Or you will????  Good to have you back! And you will emerge from the Guinness thing soon, it sounds like . . Nadine  


  3. Congrats again Lynn, from Irene Riffel in Wichita, Ks. You have completed a dream I have had for a very long time!! May the force be with you. XOXO


  4. Jake and I have been anxiously awaiting word from you about your thoughts on what you are now doing. So glad to finally see “Life is Like a Bike” this evening. I figured that you had to do some writing and getting papers ready for Guinness and you also needed to pamper yourself too, but it is nice to finally hear from you. It was refreshing to have your Blog to read each morning! So much better than the election that we have been suffering through.

    Congratulations, again, on your fantastic ride and I assume Susie is now back home with Precious! Don’t forget to let us know when you decide to try a ride over here to Leesburg again. We would love to see you.

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  5. Congratulations, Lynne!! Guinness or not, its quite an accomplishment. You are an inspiration. Thanks for the blog. I’m going to miss it.


  6. Lynn, it is only a matter of a few more “butt-hours”, but this time at Guinness, to put in print what you have accomplished. Whatever it is they give you, I hope your ears are far enough apart to accommodate the BIG smile that will occupy your face.

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  7. Lynn- So there is always Homework (at Home!). As an educator.. you know it is just part of Life.
    “Ride Details “for the final entry?
    (Hope you smile with my questions, but my sister Susie trained me– she has both a science and a math degree!)
    How many (required) pages were the report for The Record?
    How many stops to document?
    How many witnesses you had to validate your “being” and locations?
    How many minutes of video did you have to forward–or actually summit to report?
    How many photos did you submit?
    What else did you have to do? Blood tests? Tax returns? (ha!)
    What were “Your” media stories, TV, Radio? press? (Please List?)
    I don’t know…!!
    More Ride details?-
    What a fantastic adventure–aspiring girls will want to know of Your trip for decades.

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    1. Betty, did you know that your reply inspired the Ride by the Numbers post? I don’t think I answered all your questions but they were good ones! 245 mini-videos, at least. Over 200 photos. 106 witnesses.
      BTW, no blood tests or tax returns, but originally I was supposed to submit a marriage certificate! Seemed irrelevant so it got dropped.
      BTW, received 1491 in the mail today! Great title! Thank you!


  8. Congratulations. Enjoyed your blog.
    Interested in the signage you had on the support vehicle. Did you have it made or buy it ready made? Any details you can provide are much appreciated as will be planning a supported tour.
    Thank you!


    1. Thank you, Art!
      Susie figured out how to order the signage. I believe she sent you info. I’d be happy to send you my magnets if you send me your address. How soon do you go? Where are you headed? We had to remove the letters on the back of the car after the trip so I couldn’t salvage them.


      1. Lyn, that is such a nice offer. Right now, another tour is just in the “getting the bug to go again” stage – so nothing definite today. In 2012, 3 of us biked from Fort Stevens, OR to Bar Harbor, ME with a dedicated SAG driver. That was my first taste of touring. Then in 2014, four of us biked from Kansas City to Washington DC, we rotated/shared driving the SAG. That tour incorporated the Katy Trail as well as the GAP and C&O Canal Towpath. Your blog, amongst others, has invigorated and inspired me to get another one under my belt while I can. Thank you!
        Susie did send me the information she had – much appreciated! The signs are a good idea and seem like they would greatly enhance safety. Thank you!

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    I’m looking forward to seeing you now that the paperwork is done! (My email won’t send. I’ll call you!)


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