Please forgive me but celebrations and get-togethers and pampering have delayed me from getting out this blog. Now here is the blog about EFI.

Some cross-country cyclists are purists and require themselves to cycle EFI. I would be one of them.

“You receive EFI status when you have cycled every inch of the road of a tour, for every single day of the tour, without getting on the support vehicle and by making it to the night’s accommodation…” (retrieved from http://7epics.com/faq/)

Of course, EFI stands for Every Fantastic Inch! On Sunday, I finished the last inch and it was fantastic, indeed. Here is a video of the final mile as seen from my bike as I rode with several Sussex Cyclists through Bethany Beach into Sea Colony, found family and friends gathered at the beach to witness as I rolled my bike across the sand, dipped my wheel in the Atlantic Ocean, and raised my bike over my head!

Here’s a video of what the final inches looked like to family and friends. 

Mission accomplished!

I mentioned in the last blog that my daughter was diagnosed with diabetes just weeks before my ride started. She is the picture of health, cooks and eats very well, and she exercises, so this was a total surprise. I had been waiting for a cause to emerge for my ride, and it had just presented itself. Should you be inclined to grace my ride with a donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), I’d be honored. This link will take you to my JDRF page. This time the link should work.

Acknowledgements are in order, foremost to Susie, who embraced the adventure right from the beginning, who did the test drive in April, who drove the support and gear vehicle for six of the eight weeks, and who provided moral and other support throughout. Also thanks to my brother, Mike, and my sister-in-law, Sandra, who covered Kansas and Missouri while Susie rested during the middle two weeks. Many more thanks will be forthcoming.

Ride details

Start location: Rehoboth Beach DE

End location: Bethany Beach DE

Distance: 16.8 miles

Cumulative distance: 3163.0 miles (final total)

Elevation gain: 131.2 feet

Cumulative elevation gain: 116,440.2 feet

Strava track: https://www.strava.com/activities/753787574

Strava heat map of entire adventure: https://www.strava.com/athletes/9271993/heatmaps/263ed6e#5/39.43619/-96.67969


29 thoughts on “EFI

  1. We have thoroughly enjoyed following you along on your fantastic voyage, Lynn! We’ll miss the newsy reports each day. So proud of you for accomplishing this, and so glad we met on the Pearl Mist!!

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  2. Congratulations, Lynn! Your athleticism and determination are utterly amazing. You are a role model for anyone–at any point in their life–willing to apply an extreme work ethic in pursuit of a dream.


  3. Lynn, Even though it was only a few days, I was so glad to help you on your journey through Colorado and into Kansas. Mike Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE smartphone


  4. Blessings to Lynn on your EPIC journey accomplished.
    I was so touched by the photo of you standing Tall- in the Atlantic surf – lifting the “historic bike” above you to the sky. “All by yourself” — your toes in the sea.
    I saw the wonderful shadow on the sand. Remarkable, your shadow on the tender sand- a straight line , and then the form-shadow of The Wheel; the wheel of the cycle of life. Just a perfect visual image of this part of your journey.
    Hi to your Mom and your daughter and all “your sisters” and the guys too -in this today cycle.
    Your journey, you quest.. Keep writing..you inspire us.

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    1. Thanks so much, Betty! Your words moved me. As you know, your sister was vital to the mission! And there might be a few more blogs coming, but I have to focus on getting records to Guinness now.


  5. Lynn,

    Congratulations! You made it! Every mountain that was in your path, you took it on and beat it. Your dedication and endurance are amazing to me.

    Enjoy your down-time. I know how much you’ve been looking forward to your ‘spa day’. I noticed on Facebook that Susie is having some well deserved spoilage as well 😉

    I’m glad I could fill-in for Susie in the middle of your journey. Since my introduction to sagging, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to local bicyclists. Thanks to you, I see the road much more from their POV.

    You are an incredible role model for us all.

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  6. I’m so going to miss reading your blog….. it was such fun to read about your awesome adventures……. I will miss this…. thank you for sharing Lynn….. you’re an amazing role model and you motivate me to be the best I can be


  7. Congratulations! It has been so fun following your journey as I recalled memories of my own solo tour across the US in 1976 as an Independent rider on the Bikecentennial route! I still tour but nothing longer than a week at this time. However, I retire this spring at age 66 and look forward to spending a lot of time on my bike touring longer distances! Following your tour has me very excited for what lays ahead for me 🙂 Thank you for sharing! I loved the videos. Were they all taken from the Go-Pro on your helmet?


  8. Lynne &Susie
    I’m having coffee and cookies with Susie’s sister Betty. Wanted to let you know that I have been lurking on the blog daily since Utah. It’s been great to follow along so thank you!

    Mark, the guy with the dig….


  9. Congratulations !!! What a monumental accomplishment. I used your bike trip as a lesson to teach/motivate my seniors at Fort Lauderdale High School how to set goals and accomplish them, no matter what their age is !!
    I would show them your photos and videos throughout the trip so they could see some of the hardships you had to endure. The young ladies were especially intrigued that you would attempt this on your own with only a SAG driver. Can’t wait to show them the GBR with your name in it. You are an inspiration to my students 🙂


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