Could we have yet another gorgeous day? And in Flatland, no less?

I was focused on looking for the street where I had to make my first turn when I saw the Prius parked on the shoulder. Susie was at the Delaware state line! It took me by surprise and Susie and I both had a teary and happy moment. I texted family and friends on the spot. This was big!

The granny gear hills are now definitively behind us. A few rollers and a couple of bridges are all I get to “work” on. The Summit Bridge over the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal was today’s workout. It wasn’t much of a hill, but the traffic was fast and furious and the shoulder narrow. Nevertheless, I stopped at the top to take a picture of the canal.chesapeake-and-delaware-canal-from-summit-bridge

I cycled through small town Delaware.

Two things happened when we got to Dover. I FINALLY had a moment of recognition that this was a place I knew. I had been to Dover with my friend, Mary, about two years ago. She ran in a track meet to qualify for National Senior Games.delaware-state-university-stadium

Then I saw the Prius parked in the shoulder. To its left was a flashing sign — “Marathon October 22 – Road closures.” Deja vu. Back in St. Charles MO, our planned route turned out to be on a marathon route and here it was happening again. This time the decision was easy. I was still on my bike and it was a gorgeous day so we continued on well past the marathon route. I will start the next to last ride from Federica DE.

Susie and I are consistently being asked the same two questions.

  • Are we sad that it is almost over or happy for it to be over? The answer is both.
  • What is next? That for me is a very big question. I have been practically living on my bike since the spring of 2015. I want to stay in shape but I don’t want to cycle this much to do so. Home projects? Garden projects? Some suggest a book. I will have to let “next” flow the way I’ve let the blogs flow. I am certain Susie will continue to help others; it is her nature. She does a lot of volunteer work, she takes care of her cat, Precious, and she keeps up with a multitude of friends. I hear there is some travel, but I am sure it is not of the style we’ve been doing for the past two months.

What is your “next?”

Ride details

Start location: Elkton MD

End location: Federica DE

Distance: 47.7 miles

Cumulative distance: 3098.6 miles (I have now cycled more miles than the previous Guinness World Record, a requirement for setting a new record.)

Elevation gain: 777.6 feet

Special features: Last state crossing


Strava track: https://www.strava.com/activities/751697966


9 thoughts on “Flatland

  1. Lynn, you started this adventure with a quote from A. Einstein, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Whatever you decide, let us know how you’re going to “keep your balance”.


  2. You are so goal oriented, I have no doubt that you have many goals yet to be determined! Savor the end of this accomplishment as you discover the next goal. I do wish I could be there this weekend to celebrate the conclusion of this adventure with you, but we will do that so!!!

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  3. Lynn, just as you will shed a tear as you dip your bicycle into the Atlantic, we here at home will shed a tear because we will so miss your daily blogs that you have shared with us. It has become a routine with us too, quickly searching for your writings each morning, talking about the charts and maps where you rode for the day and where you will be going the next day and excited as you shared your experiences with us. Your adventure with Susie has made the past two months a pleasure! Thank you so much and congratulations to you and a dear hello to your mother.


    1. Kay, I seem to have missed this sweet comment of yours. I am thinking of riding tomorrow, Jan 1, and I’m thinking of heading out toward Leesburg (or beyond) on the W&OD. If all works out, maybe I could come by and say hi?


  4. Dear Lynn, today, the last “full day” on the road for you on this adventure – and as said, once the bike is tasting the Atlantic, the end of something is the beginning of something new — what that may be for you, who knows what “crazy thing” you might think about – and then actually do it. It has been fun to follow you with your blogs and video’s and on many of those miles my Harley has also carried me across this wonderful country of ours. I wish you smooth sailing for the last few miles, and a HUGE smile when the finish line is crossed.


    1. Peter, I just came across your very nice comment and wanted to reply, though with a two month delay. The first two weeks were spent sending records to GWR, the next two weeks were putting the video together and traveling to NYC for the very fun interview. Then came Thanksgiving and then my attic attack. Now I’m working on my home office, hoping to transform it from an office for my small business (that I sold two years ago) to a bit of a contemplative studio. 2017 will be a year for consolidation, but I have a plan budding for Summer 2018. : )
      Happy New Year! Hope you are enjoying your new family member (I’m thinking s/he has arrived?)! Please share details. My best to all of you!


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