I wanted to end my ride at the Atlantic Ocean and would have continued on the RAAM route to Annapolis had it been possible to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on a bicycle. However, it is not allowed. Instead, when Joan designed this route, she found a crossing over the Susquehanna River on the Conowingo Dam. Each day, there seems to be one element of the ride that causes me worry, and that is what worried me today. I had read that there was no shoulder. That was true and there was a lot of construction going on, but traffic was light and drivers were respectful. Here’s a video of the crossing.

What would have been worth my worry was the hill after crossing the Octoraro Creek on Dr. Jack Road.creek-on-dr-jack-road

It was another 15% grade hill. With all the mountains out west, the highest pitch I remember was 12%. I pedaled with all my might until it flattened somewhat, and then I rested and got my heart rate down and breathing settled. That makes two 15% hills in a matter of days. I asked myself if I still had the fight in me to do this monster hill.

Otherwise it was a pretty ride on country roads in Maryland ending on Red Toad Road where we heard roosters crowing in the middle of the afternoon. Here’s the video.

Then I turned left onto Route 40 for the final piece to Elkton. There was a dedicated bike lane on a wide shoulder. It’s a good thing because the traffic was intense, noisy, and fast. I was extra vigilant for drivers turning left from the oncoming lane, so I was ready when one turned and didn’t see me. I swerved to give the driver time to notice and maneuver and he swerved in time. Susie saw it in the rear view mirror. We reflected on it together.

Our destination was Elkton that is also served by trains.


Here’s a video of the approach to the town where you can see at least four modes of transportation on the bridge. 

I am now in countdown mode. I have a little over 100 miles to ride and will take three days to pedal them. On Friday, we will cross into Delaware, the final state of the ride, and get to Dover. On Saturday, we will get to Dewey Beach poised for the finish. On Sunday, we will pedal only about 12 miles to Bethany Beach where I will complete my ocean to ocean journey by dipping my wheel in the Atlantic Ocean.

Ride details

Start location: Bel Air MD

End location: Elkton MD

Distance: 36.1 miles

Cumulative distance: 3050.9 miles

Elevation gain: 1968.5 feet

Strava track:


21 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. Hey Lynn, you are in our territory now. I hope you will savor every last minute of the ride. Keep being safe and steady (while adventurous). I have been savoring each day: thanks for letting us learn about the adventures and places. It will be a big transition, to be OFF the road, yes? — Hats off to you, and glad your mother will be celebrating, too. Hooray to ourselves, & specifically to mothers, and to the greatness of women and girls.. smiles. – Gail

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  2. Isn’t it weird how the worry to problem ratio is unpredictable? As you look at your final 100 miles, are you and Susie experiencing nostalgia or eagerness to claim your goal? Good luck.

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  3. Adding fun trivia about bicycling- Amelia Bloomer was pleased with the role bicycles could play in letting women become independent.. Recently I found out it was A. Bloomer who introduced Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton to each other- what a trio!

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  4. How exciting to be in the last 100 miles. Congratulations on this great accomplishment. I have enjoyed the “ride”. Blogs were great.


  5. Congratulations and have a GREAT weekend Lynn!!!!!!!!! What an amazing, brutally difficult (I would think) experience……. I tell everybody about the inspirational woman I met at the river!!!!!! I have loved reading your blog!!!!!


  6. Amazing, Lynn! Do you have an estimate of where and when you’ll be when you dip the wheel into the Atlantic? I’m thinking it would be such an inspiring thing to see. I’m two hours away, but I might try to come. If possible, give me an idea. I’ve really enjoyed following your trip.


    1. Jan, I would be honored if you were able to come. We are meeting a reporter at the totem pole in Bethany beach at 10:30. There will be a caravan with a few cyclists who cycle the mile south to sea colony, north entrance for Annapolis and Brandywine buildings. I will cycle between the buildings, around the pool, then roll my bike down the ramp across the beach to the water. I expect to dip my wheel about 11 am. Light refreshments upstairs in Brandywine. I’d love to see you!


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