Mother’s Day

Back on October 13, last week (but what feels like a century ago), while hoping the rain would go away, we visited the site that makes Grafton WV famous. Mother’s Day began in the city of Grafton WV. The first observance of Mother’s Day was held in 1908 at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church on Main Street in Grafton after Ms. Anna Jarvis requested recognition of mothers and their significance to the country. That observance led to Mother’s Day as a national holiday.The church is now the International Mother’s Day Shrine.

mothers-day-statue  gwr-mothers-day-sign  gwr-mothers-day-shrine

My friend, Joan, designed the route I am now following to the Atlantic Ocean. She had hoped to ride it with me but could not. Her mother fell ill but is on the mend. We are wishing her mom the absolute best.

My friend, Joanie, who was going to sag in Kansas and Missouri, is unexpectedly nursing her mother back to health. We are wishing her mom the best as well.

Sticking with my plan to not look ahead too far, I only noticed a couple of days ago that Joan’s route would take me within 20 minutes (by car) of where my mom lives. I am very happy that my mom is well. We are spending the night with her!

Today, I left the RAAM route and began Joan’s route. I’m splitting it into five segments in order to arrive at Bethany Beach on Sunday, October 23, so my mom can be there. The first segment today was amazing. Beyond being scenic, it included some challenging features: at least four 10% hills, a descent that started at 10% and got steeper right before a stop sign, and 1/2 mile of gravel.

There was also a piece of the Torrey Brown Rail Trail where I trained on Aug 6. That day, I had a flat. For the first time, I fixed it entirely by myself only to have it flat again as soon as I got back on the bike. At that point, I took my bike to Bicycle Connections where Lindsay Nicolucci gave me additional tips about changing flats that Susie and I applied in our air-conditioned room in Salome AZ. Gnomeland is on the Torrey Brown Trail. Today, I met the sister of the guy who set it up.

Gnomeland on Torrey Brown Trail.jpg

Here are several videos from today’s ride:

A steep ascent on St. John’s Road

Higgins Saw Mill on Hokes Road

Interesting Pennsylvania roads

Cornfields and a descent through a cut in the dirt rather than rock down to Torrey Brown Rail Trail

The life cycle of corn: fully grown, harvested, and being stored in a grain elevator

An active grain elevator

Ride details

Start location: Hanover PA

End location: Bel Air MD

Distance: 43.5 miles

Cumulative distance: 3014.8 miles 

Elevation gain: 2345.8 feet

Special features: First day off the RAAM route and first day on Joan’s route, three state crossings (PA to MD to PA to MD), Mile 3000 (remembered at 3006)

Photo at 3006 miles.jpg
I realized at Mile 3006 that I had passed the 3000 mile mark!

Strava track:



7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. I am happy that you included information about Anna Jarvis and the first Mothers Day in Grafton, WVA. Our daughter and son-in-law and their family have been visiting Tygart Lake for about twenty+ years and we started going with them some time ago and finally this past October we found Anna Jarvis’s home but it was closed for tours that day. Next year we will tour her home! Congratulations on mile 3,000!


  2. Your trip is giving me so much hope, Lynn! A cross- country ride is on my bucket list, as is hiking the Appalachian Trail. My own mother is 95 which me skittish about long trips away, and I keep thinking I’m not getting younger myself, but a 100 mile ride is not a huge deal for me at 64 so there’s still hope! Many wo.en tell me in their role model; now you’re mine! – – Ellie in Western Maryland


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