Chillin’ in Chilly Chillicothe

Today is Sunday and it’s a slightly chilly (60 degrees) rest day. It’s an extra day Kathleen gets to spend with Susie and me. We slept in a little (8 am), then Kathleen and I drove back to Blanchester to retrieve her car. We went there on major roads, but returned to Chillicothe (in two cars) on exactly the route we cycled yesterday. While I occasionally drive on a route to its starting point and, thereby, see the route in reverse, it’s rare that I get to drive a route going in the same direction I have or will cycle it. Kathleen and I both remarked that the hills were more daunting than we realized while cycling, that the shoulder was often non-existent, and that the route was quite long. We were pleased with our effort.

After a relaxed lunch, Susie, Kathleen, and I set out by car to see the Hopewell Culture Center National Historical Park, specifically the Mound City Group. The mounds are what remain of a native American culture of 2000 years ago. The mounds are mainly ancient burial sites of very prominent members of the culture. There are several such sites along the Scioto River Valley. Archaeological excavation revealed that the people of this culture used materials from faraway places from nearly the entire continent of North America. Though they had no written language, the people had extremely precise knowledge of the cycles of the sun and moon, had a standard unit of measurement, and communicated carefully among each other. I was stunned and resentful that I had no knowledge of this ancient culture prior to today’s visit. Visit it if you are ever in the area.mounds-in-mound-city

Tomorrow, it’s back on the bike to Athens OH.


6 thoughts on “Chillin’ in Chilly Chillicothe

    1. Great to meet you and your family, Geoff! It was great seeing how much you enjoyed being dad to your sons in Greensburg. I hope you had a great visit with family near Greensburg and did not find destruction once you returned home.


  1. What is a good Columbus day, without asking what happened here before Columbus?
    Hopewell culture is fabulous. Their mound sites have been found in over 2/3 of the eastern USA. Their travel and trade was extensive; sea shells form the Gulf of Mexico; obsidian from Yellowstone; silver from Ontario and shark teeth from the Chesapeake Bay! So glad you got to visit! FYI – I got this info. from “1419 – New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus” which I just happen to be reading—really interresting.
    Enjoy the moment!


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