One reason I am cycling the RAAM route is that it is heavily documented with an electronic GPS file I follow on my Garmin bike computer as well as printable cue sheets with detailed directions and maps with elevation profiles. I keep the day’s cue sheet and elevation profile on my bike dashboard, or my “desk,” as my brother, Dave, called

The RAAM cue sheet has a folksy overall description for each segment with more details by mileage. It mentioned the White River crossing just before Bloomfield. 

The White River

After the river, the cue sheet’s detailed line for Bloomfield IN says, “The country gets decidedly more lumpy.” Indeed, there were several hills with pitches up to 7% and I encountered one that went up to 11% for a moment.

The RAAM route developer threw in a most interesting “lumpy” segment on State Road 43 through the little town of Solsberry. The town is right at the top of a hill, and the railroad was built up there to find high and dry ground instead of using creek beds. This involved building a long and tall viaduct between Tulip IN and Solsberry IN, the largest of its kind in the US and third largest in the world. 

Yoho’s General Store in Solsberry IN

SR 43 was a windy road with thrilling descents and tough “lumps.” I captured some of the ride down from Solsberry on a video of SR 43.

While granny gearing my way up one of the “lumps,” I noticed a car patiently waiting behind me. When I was finally at the top and found a little clearing, I pulled off the road. A young couple in the car smiled broadly. He gave me a thumbs up and she gave me a V for victory. That totally made my day. Instead of considering me an impediment, they recognized, appreciated, and applauded my effort!

Honestly, a few reasonable lumps on a ride make it more interesting, and a few reasonable lumps in life make life more interesting.

Ride details

Start location: Sullivan IN

End location: Bloomington IN

Distance: 68.3 miles

Cumulative distance: 2304.9 miles

Elevation gain: 3044.6 (definitely some “lumps” on this segment)

Strava track:


11 thoughts on “Lumpy

  1. Lyn this RR viaduct NOT the biggest in the US and the only one – here in the mid-Hudson Valley of NY we have several RR trestles like that – there is the viaduct/trestle in Orange county NY that has very active rail traffic – the Metro North/NJ Tranist Port Jervis line and NS/CSX freight, the trestle in Rosendale Ulster county – this one is part of the unpaved 23 mi. Walkill Valley RT and…the mother of all RR bridges the former Maybrook Line Poughkeepsie (Dutchess county) Highland RR bridge across the Hudson River – this bridge is now the Walkway Over The Hudson state park and is part of the 18 mi. (currently) Hud Val trail Network (the Hudson Valley RT at the west end and the WRS Dutchess RT at the east end which was inducted into the RTC Hall Of Fame – on Tues. Oct. 4 was the induction ceremony – the bridge is 6,687 ft long and the deck is 212 ft. above the river – the Walkway and the Hudson Valley RT are part of Adventure Cycling Association’s Atlantic Coast Route – this should be part of your next tour

    MY One Drive public pics (copy and past the links)

    WRS DRT:!AjM8qAzIh4uAgahigZzKBWo4pGCp2A

    Walkway OTH:!AjM8qAzIh4uAgbkgn7u6lyVRQps_rQ

    Hud Val RT:!AjM8qAzIh4uAgzuSGDNVLMBn_dYr

    Kevin Newman
    Poughkeepsie NY
    ACA NBTW and NBYPD ride ambassador mid-Hudson Valley NY


    1. I appreciate the information. Perhaps my source was inaccurate or I did not correctly report a detail about the trestle.

      I cycled over the Hudson on the Dutchess Rail Trail in January 2016. It was 21 degrees. It seemed there was just a light coating of snow, but there was ice underneath in one patch. I fell hard and got a bad bruise that took months to heal. The bridge was beautiful and the view was amazing!


  2. Hi Lynn! I’m behind on your posts but I’m trying to catch up! Your video through the lovely, “lumpy” Indiana countryside on SR 43 is mesmerizing! The steep declines reminded me of a roller coaster, fast and frightening! How fast are you actually going? Bet you didn’t miss the relative lack of big rigs!

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