Pedaling Again

Thanks for all your thoughts wishing me a quick recovery. It worked! I was back on the road again today in spite of some side effects from the antibiotic. (I will not provide details on this.) A short ride was on the schedule and the terrain was mercifully gentler than previous days in Missouri. It was just the right amount of distance and difficulty for the back-to-the road day.

As before, the Missouri road shoulders were bad – really bad. Scored pavement, roadkill – still armadillos about one per mile, gravel, rumble strips. At least this time the shoulders were fairly wide and that gave me some negotiating room. I was pretty jealous because the road for cars was freshly paved asphalt.img_4595


I’ve given Missouri a bad wrap so far. In fairness, Jeniece, the owner of our hotel, The Golden Door, was very kind, and helped us figure things out in Osage Beach. I asked her why, with the famous Katy Trail being in Missouri, the kind of thinking that would make road shoulders usable didn’t reach the part of the state I was in. She said a new rail-trail is under construction in the Osage Beach region and there’s excitement about it. The Kansans clean their road shoulders after each weekend, we were told. I don’t know if there is a shoulder-cleaning schedule in Missouri. 

I was rewarded at the end of the ride with a long view of the state capitol building of Missouri. It’s super enlarged so not good quality. fullsizerender

By putting in that link to the Katy Trail, I discovered that I am quite near it. It seems to parallel Route 94 that the RAAM route takes. Maybe, just maybe, I have to bike the Katy Trail tomorrow instead of the RAAM route to see if it will redeem Missouri for me.

Ride details

Start location: Osage Beach MO

End location: Jefferson City MO

Distance: 44.6 miles

Cumulative distance: 1928.4 miles

Elevation gain: 1981.6 feet

Strava track:


15 thoughts on “Pedaling Again

  1. Hi Lynn. This is Bev, Sandra’s mom. So happy you did rest, and “back on the road again”. Wow what a rough ride on those shoulders.
    Very proud of you, being 6 years older than you, I cannot imagine doing it. So power to you!😁


  2. Lynn, you don’t want to ride your road bike on the Katy Trail. It is a converted rail trail that is not paved. It is crushed limestone and made even more treacherous by the heavy rains they’ve had this summer, which caused wash-outs in some places. Even tho the road shoulders aren’t great, they’re better than the Katy Trail for the type of bike you’re riding. Glad you’re feeling better and back in the saddle.


  3. Katy Trail would be worth it. Even with a road bike it made for a pretty good ride. I agree that some of the shouldersnapshots with the rumble strip placement can be maddening. Hope you’re feeling better.


  4. I see mixed reviews on the Katy Trail. I did a 25+ mile segment from Booneville, MO. to Columbia, MO. To avoid bad shoulders of US 40. It was in mid May this year. Trail was fine for my road bike even carrying 20# in the panniers. Just another data point.


  5. Some of the most beautiful parts of the Katy Trail are from Jeff City east. It will depend on what the weather has been as to how it goes for the road bike. Try it, if you don’t like it it’s not far to the paved roads.


      1. Not a coffee drinker, but we have a very entertaining group on Tue. mornings. I like the hot chocolate in the winter and Blended lemonade in the summer. Glad you are feeling better and able to continue your ride.

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