Yesterday I dodged weather, road impediments, hunger, a cold, and Wifi. Our hotel’s Wifi was out, which is why this blog is delayed.

In no uncertain terms, the weather forecast for Sunday in Fort Scott was rain. I was thinking that the Lyons Twin Mansions where we stayed there might be the best place in the world to sit out a storm. I was totally lulled by the relaxed setting, the luxurious accommodations, and the graciousness of our hostess, Pat Lyons. However, on the way to breakfast, Sandra shared good news about the weather. The narrow band of storms that stretched in a vertical line and passed through Wichita to our west was heading north, not east, and would not dump its contents on us. Furthermore, for reasons we do not know, it was creating a tailwind for my ride. No rain and a tailwind was something to be seized upon! This was my reward for pressing on to Yates Center rather than stopping in El Dorado, thereby getting myself one day ahead of my planned schedule and east of the storm system.

The sky was cloudy all day. When we reached Weaubleau (waw-blow), a guy at the gas station told me I’d get caught in it. Instead, it rained ahead of me. In Wheatland, the last town before our destination, it smelled like rain and the pavement was wet. To close my riding day, the sun came out for the last five miles and I cast a shadow right in front of myself. Here’s a video.

I also dodged impediments on the road. The last 25 miles were freshly laid asphalt. I would like to know whose bright idea it was to put reflectors in the shoulder. I had to dodge the reflectors, finding a tiny safe track between them, the rumble strip, and the roadkill, all while simultaneously either ascending or descending.img_4586

I dodged hunger by eating three square meals. Here are the eateries, in descending order of elegance:

  • Breakfast: Lyons Twin Mansions in Fort Scott KS
  • Lunch: El Dorado Café in El Dorado Springs MO
  • Dinner: Crappie Hole in Hermitage MO

I am also trying to dodge a cold. I was coughing some and the cough was getting deeper. I had Emergen-C in my medical supplies and took a nice big dose.

Ride details

Start location: Fort Scott KS

End location: Hermitage MO

Distance: 80.7 miles

Cumulative distance:1837 miles

Elevation gain: 3136.5 feet (all in seriously rolling hills)

Cumulative elevation gain: over 60,000 feet

Special features: State crossing #6 Kansas to Missouri img_4588

Strava track:


17 thoughts on “Dodging

  1. Enjoying your posts!! I wish you wellness and a quick recovery from your cold. Are you going to write a book about this trip? I am so excited for you. You are my kinda woman!!


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