My Legs Can Smell the Food

Yesterday was a  typical “rest” day.

  • Prius to dealer for checkup – cost $0
  • Breakfast with Yolanda and Bill (our Ulysses KS friends who were in Wichita)image
  • Nifty Nuthouse image
  • Sully – I recommend it
  • A stop at the Senior Expo at the Science Museum (go see the miniature KS there)
  • Massage by Brenda’s friend – divine
  • Pickup bike after checkup – cost: infinity times Prius checkup
  • Homemade dinner by Brenda – fabulous
  • Facebook 101 lesson with Sandra
  • Day off from blog
  • Crash in bed 

In spite of Brenda’s abundant homemade dinner where I ate and ate and ate, I woke up hungry in the night. I had two yogurts for my first breakfast. Brenda had cooked up another group ride to escort me on my way. First there were three of us, but by the time we got to Wichita State University Metropolitan Complex (also known as Metroplex) 14 miles from Brenda’s house across the river on the east side of Wichita, there were 16 of us.


My tummy was already rumbling. I was glad to hear we would have breakfast at Benton Airport 14 miles away. As we got closer, I went faster and faster. My legs could smell the food.image

After my second breakfast, Brenda, her friend, Kay, and I, sagged by Sandra, continued on to El Dorado (not pronounced like the Cadillac model). In El Dorado, I was sad to say goodbye to Brenda who had made my Kansas miles simply magical. I would be cycling in Kansas solo for the first time (sagged by Sandra) to Yates Center, an additional 64 miles. Suddenly Kansas was a bit plain, the shoulder narrow (about 18 inches), and the miles long. Sandra and I broke them up mentally into bite-sized chunks with Eureka in the middle. Oh, yes, I chowed down some food in Eureka, too.image

The cycling on long rolling hills was not difficult, but as we approached the motel in Yates Center after 106 miles, my legs could smell the food again. Sandra guided me toward dinner with unusual urgency. I was still in sweaty riding clothes!  She didn’t really consult with me about where to eat and it was a tiny bit strange that she selected Feedbunk, specializing in beef, pork, and lamb, though she quickly pointed out that they had a grilled cheese sandwich, my default as a vegetarian. As we walked in, three people emerged from behind the salad bar — my brother, Chris, his wife, Laura, and their son, John!!!! They had flown from a business conference in Las Vegas to surprise me!!


Laughter, tales of how they’d kept the secret, how the text messages and Facebook posts went by me under the radar, and family news filled the evening. We will see if the grilled cheese sandwich supplemented with breaded zucchini sticks, my chocolate recovery drink, and a VERY LARGE mug of beer will get me through the night.

Hmmm, 106 miles doesn’t make one look pretty.

I’m not sure why there are so many photos of food on a cycling trip. Peter, one of our sags on the Ride to Awareness trip last fall who also drives a Harley, said his gas station and mine look different.

Ride details

Start location: Brenda’s house in west Wichita KS

End location: Yates Center KS

Distance: 106 miles

Cumulative distance: 1693.8 miles

Elevation gain: 1811 feet (those rolling hills add up)

Strava track:


20 thoughts on “My Legs Can Smell the Food

  1. Lynn, you are so Blessed to have such wonderful and supportive family and friends! And we are Blessed to have you and you are sharing your adventures with us. Be safe!!!!


  2. Lynn, it was great to meet you and Sandra and ride with you into and out of Wichita. Wishing you a safe, interesting and fulfilling remainder of your journey. I’ll be following your blog every day till the beach in Delaware. All the best!


  3. Wow, your posts are always so inspiring…. And some bring tears to my eyes. This one sure did today… From the group of riders that sent you off to your brothers surprise….. What Ana amazing journey you are on Lynn!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

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  4. Lynn, when I see the last picture I wish to withdraw my earlier comment — your and my gas stations do look the same. And there seems to be another similarity – we all go on a ride powered by two cylinders; the difference is that your cylinders join at the hip, mine join at the crankshaft. The other similarity – we all talk about taking a ride and then doing it and somehow many pieces of conversation center around “where is the next break” and “what are we going to eat” — and this is where there is a difference again between some of your breaks and mine, you only need to feed one stomach – I have to feed the same as you, plus every 220 miles I also have to please one that only likes carbon based liquids, if I don’t then pushing my “two-wheeler” is a lot harder than pushing yours. Oh, and happy belated “umpteens 25th birthday” – you are now truly on your Guinness Book ride. Safe travels, fond memories, good buddies, no flats, good road shoulders, and whatever it is that makes a day a good day for you.


  5. What a wonderful surprise with your family visit! I was wondering what happened to you on your day off. I emailed Susie to see why we had not heard from you. Kansas has been so great and it has been wonderful reading about all the generous people you have met along that great state. I hope you will also have wonderful experiences in Missouri.

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  6. I just stumbled into your blog, and I love it! Nine years ago, me and my son made about the same trip, and reading your stories brings back a lot of nice memories! I noticed your daughter was diagnosed with diabetes, and that´s a coincidence: we made this trip when my son got a kind of a scholarship, from a diabetes fund. He has diabetes, and made this trip without any kind problem. So thank you for a nice blog!


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