Yolanda and Bill – Take 3

Yolanda and Bill – Take 1

While I was posting my blog in a coffee shop in La Veta on Friday, a couple came in. The athletic wife came straight over to me and started talking. Within minutes, she learned that I was on a cross country ride. She wondered if my route would go through Ulysses where they lived, and if it did, would we like to stay at their house. 

Yolanda and Bill – Take 2

Saturday’s ride of 108 miles started in the plains 15 miles east of Trinidad. I broke it up in my mind into two rides, one to Kim and the second to Springfield. During our brief stop at the Kim Outpost, Yolanda and Bill, who thought they might find Mike and me en route, indeed, did. Bill reassured me that I would not encounter a headwind on the remainder of the ride to Springfield. He was right.

Yolanda and Bill – Take 3

Today, I rode from Springfield with Brenda Mueller, a fellow cyclist from the RTA ride last fall. Our destination was Ulysses. Our conversation (plus a little tailwind) crushed the kilometers and kept me from noticing the monotony of the landscape. It was Mike’s last day as SAG. Thank you, Mike! We made our fourth state crossing: Colorado to Kansas.



Simultaneously, we entered the Central Time Zone.

We dodged thousands of grasshoppers on the road, saw a dead barn owl, and watched a hawk catch and carry a live snake. Mike saw a couple tarantulas. We were also looking forward to staying with Yolanda and Bill.

One we arrived at their lovely home, we had the opportunity to share stories at length. Yolanda’s story is amazing. She once weighed 211 pounds. She had fibromyalgia and suffered 5 days out of 7 in bed with pain. Two of her friends suggested a change in diet plus exercise. Within a month, Yolanda was off her pain meds. She runs six days a week now and loves it and she looks great. 

She and Bill were the most gracious of hosts and two of the most upbeat people I have ever met. They fixed us a homemade meal. Hamburgers were cooked to order. Yolanda fed me her own homemade veggie burgers. We all shared a giant salad with cucumbers from her garden.

Yolanda and Bill

Tomorrow Brenda and I will ride 115 miles to Greensburg KS. Mike returns to work so Sandra, his wife, will be our SAG. She has memorized the SAG jobs that Susie wrote up and Mike gave her a quick course. We know she is a quick study and will learn on the job. It will be the longest ride of all the days so far so Sandra’s first day will be a trial by fire. She’s excited to do it and we know she will do a stellar job.

Ride details

Start location: Springfield CO

End location: Ulysses KS

Distance: 76.7 miles

Cumulative distance: 1360.9 miles

Elevation gain: 315 feet

Special features: Fourth state crossing – Colorado to Kansas

Strava track: https://www.strava.com/activities/717330861




17 thoughts on “Yolanda and Bill – Take 3

  1. It was cool (?!) to see the hail-balls and the storm photos, and great to “meet” all you newest associates, including Yolanda and Bill – round of applause to them. 4th State- Go, Lynne!


  2. It was so nice to hear about your meeting up with Yolanda and Mike! What a fantastic couple and thanks for sharing a picture of them. Enjoy today’s long ride and thanks for sharing all that you are observing, especially all the grasshoppers!


  3. Your getting close to Missouri!! I live in Missouri!! What are your overnight towns? Would love to ride with you to Break up the monotony. Cheering you on!!! I have rode the Rockies and Ragbrai this year. Be safe out there!!!


    1. Hi, Kim! Congratulations on the Rockies and Ragbrai!
      My Missouri towns include Hermitage, Weaubleau, Camdenton, Osage Beach, Jefferson City, Washington, and St. Charles. Please let me know if any of them would work for you!


  4. We run RAAM TS 30 in Fort Scott, KS. We would love to open the time station for you. If you let us know when you’re approaching town, my sons would love to ride you in and escort you to the time station. We will have homemade pumpkin bread and a cool place for you to take a break. We’re the last stop before Missouri. You can contact us at 620-223-1662. It’s a couple of miles to the turn off from the time station so if you would give us a bit of a notice before you get there, that would be great! Safe travels! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Kristi! It will be an honor to be escorted into town by your sons! Our plan is to arrive in Fort Scott on Sunday, September 26. That could vary if there is a weather or other delay. I will keep you posted for sure. Pumpkin bread and a cool place sound awesome. We rode in 100 degree weather part of today.


  5. Another inspiring story, this time about Yolanda. If only people could get off their duffs and MOVE, the country would be in a much better situation re healthcare costs. Thanks Mike! How lucky you are, Lynn, to have a SAG team. And what’s that business about tarantulas??


    1. I have had the best SAG folks!
      No kidding about getting people to MOVE! Yolanda should be on TV with her story.
      I saw tarantulas in TX last fall and I was so shocked the first time I could not get the word out. I just pointed to it. This time, I was pretty nonchalant about it.


  6. We run RAAM Time Station 30 in Fort Scott, KS. We’re more than happy to open the time station for you when you get to town. My sons would love to meet you at the turn off at 54 Highway and escort you through town. If you have a chance to call us a little in advance, that would be great! 620-223-1662. Safe travels!

    *We’re the last time station before Missouri 🙂


  7. For some reason I am not getting notification of all of your posts any more. I’m going to have to sort that out! You’ve done an amazing job of helping us to feel a part of your journey. You have a wonderful network of support there (as well as one back home!)


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