Bonus Birthday Off-Bike Excursion Photo Blog

To celebrate Susie’s birthday, we took a bus from Durango to Silverton and a narrow gauge train from Silverton back to Durango. These are images from this sensory-overloading excursion.











12 thoughts on “Bonus Birthday Off-Bike Excursion Photo Blog

  1. It’s great to see you taking a little “vacation” once in a while. That way, you go back to cycling with a renewed spirit. Also, your photos demonstrate what a large country we have, and how different it is from place to place.


    1. It was a perfect excursion for our rest day but it was so stimulating that it was sort of exhausting! That train ride is a must for anyone lucky enough to visit this area. Our train car had a glass roof and open windows so it felt like we were really out there. Mountains towering over our heads, water bubbling in the Animas River beside us, coal smoke in the air from the engine, and the iconic train whistle.

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  2. I, too, took this famous train and it was a unique experience. The train is coal or wood fired, so cinders fly everywhere. Environmental impact aside, it was fun and harkened back to another time–before carbon road bikes! Beautiful pictures, Lynn and Susie!

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  3. You’re in my favorite part of the country. We did a Durango vacation a number of years back. One of our side excursions was taking the train from Durango to about midway between Durango and Silverton, where we had reservations to spend the day doing zip lines. It used to be some schwanky resort for the rich and famous. They provided picnic lunches, which we at tables on decks built up in the trees. At the end of the day, the train brought us back to Durango. It was awesome.

    I love reading your blogs, Lynne. Wishing you good health and lots of tailwinds.


  4. It is great that you have a wonderful support person with you. Glad you both took some time to smell the roses and ride the train. My wife and brother were great to have along for a portion of my ride. Keep it going. Looking forward to seeing your name by the record! Vic Andrade, The Lone Rider.

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