Who is your Susie?


My Susie is probably the most generous person I know. She takes care of lots of nieces, nephews, and siblings. She took care of her mother for years. She takes care of stray dogs. She takes care of friends and children of friends.

And she takes care of me on my bike. She drives a couple miles ahead of me to a safe place to turn off and waits for me. She’s always there before I am in need. Sometimes we check in about directions, sometimes I get water or food or a cold neckband or water over my head or an encouraging word. Sometimes I ride on by and we exchange thumbs up.

She finds hotels when they’re all sold out – read Durango CO on a Saturday night. She finds just the right kind of off-bike things to do like the train to Silverton from Durango.

In the morning, she lets me focus on getting ready to ride. She reminds me to put electrolytes in my water in the morning. She takes notes on when I stop and why. She gathers witness forms. When I finish riding for the day, she reminds me to take my recovery drink. At night, she patiently entertains herself while I write my blog, upload videos, answer blog comments, write my log notes, etc.

She ALWAYS has the right encouraging word. “You did Cumberland!” That refers to when I rode and she sagged* the Cumberland to Hancock portion of the RAAM route to see if I could physically accomplish this venture and to see if she would enjoy sagging.

Today is her birthday. I wish her all the best and many more!

I hope you have a Susie in your life!

Susie and me at The View Monument Valley

*sag = support and gear


28 thoughts on “Who is your Susie?

  1. Happy Birthday, Susie! We have been following you on our cell phones but for some reason, I could not leave a message. We are both enjoying all the pictures and Lynne’s blog so much. The videos are fantastic you are taking on your bike, Lynne. I did not think you were going to meet any cars or trucks on that one long ride in Colorado. We are now back home on my computer so I can leave Bday wishes for you! Congrats on your 40 years of Friendship and Enjoy Today!

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  2. I am SO grateful that your Susie has been MY Susie since June 15, 1985. Everything you say is true x a thousand, and while your journey is incomparable, Susie has boosted my family and me over many a bump and some wonderful times. Please hug her for me! And Happy Trails to you both!

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  3. Susie is FABULOUS!! What a wonderful friend and caring companion for your records-setting attempt. I wish I had a Susie in my life and was a Susie in someone else’s! Relay my HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! wishes to her.


  4. I was about to “gush” about the photos from yesterday. Now, it’s even better: getting to see Susie, as well as seeing you, Lynn, looking good again.. May you have many days that are to Gush for. – – & back to Arizona: What sort of work is my daughter doing by the Grand Canyon? The Hualapai (who are at the SW edge of the canyon) are working on initiatives for the Tribe (especially for the well being of the younger generations) that include expanded attention to Hualapai language preservation/continuation. So she is consulting periodically as a linguist. There is a psychologist consultant, also, and a couple others – while leadership of the efforts stays with the Hualapai.. Love ya, Lynne, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Susie!!


  5. Hey, Lynne! I’m enjoying the birthday photo of you and Susie. Of course it has a very famous rock formation in the background. I’m sure Susie told you the story of why she became an Earth Science teacher all those years ago. I’ve also been enjoying your blog posts and not-so-travel-logue. A big hurrah for all the cyclists and bike shop repair people! But a special Happy Birthday! to OUR (collectively) Susie🎂😘


  6. Sister Sue, I am singing you the “Happy birthday to yoooou song” again. Another year begins! (Singing silently for all the friends and admirers of the strong, happy and determined Lynn).
    Love, Betty


  7. Lynne, Susie is an amazing person. (But you already know that.) She is the perfect friend to follow (and lead) you on your journey, keeping you safe and watching over you. I’m sure your days of biking can be difficult and long, but knowing Susie is there with you has to be making it easier.
    Continued safe travels for both of you!


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