I try not to write travelogues, but today’s ride must be an exception.

When I set up my bike this morning, I realized that the derailleur cable that Noah fixed yesterday passed right in front of the lens of the action camera I have mounted on my bike. The bike shop was a mile back through a congested and not especially pretty town. I had to decide whether to press on or see if Noah could fix it. I called the shop and Noah answered. Of course he’d fix it, he said. So Susie and I loaded the bike into the car and took it to Noah.img_4402

I am so glad I did because the scenery on today’s ride was some of the best I’ve EVER seen. I took four separate videos at different places. Unfortunately, it takes a ridiculous amount of time to upload a video to YouTube and I haven’t succeeded in uploading the best one of the 10 mile descent into Durango.

The gears worked perfectly! (Thank you, Noah!) The temperature was perfect. The sky was clear. There was a reasonably wide shoulder nearly the whole way and it was reasonably clean. Visibility was excellent. The three ascents were not that difficult. On the first and hardest, I kept saying to myself, “I’m moving and it doesn’t hurt. That’s all that matters.” Better yet, the descents were not terrifying. The steepest and longest descent into Durango was about a 6% pitch and not very windy.  At that level, I can relax and barely use my brakes. I could take in the verdant mountain landscape as I dropped into town.



Ride details

Start location: Cortez CO

End location: Durango CO

Distance: 43.9 miles

Cumulative distance: 883.5 miles

Elevation gain: 2923 feet

Strava track:


7 thoughts on “Gushing

  1. Nice. Beatitud. Looking forward to the descent video, but don’t knock yourself out trying to fit in entertaining us – first do your sleep, recovery stuff, and enjoying the trip…. We will be here when you get back – where you are now will be back there where you aren’t anymore….
    Having said that, I miss you and love hearing how you’re doing. Just don’t wanna see you get stuck feeling you need to be doing a time consuming thing


    1. It’s not time-consuming for me. It’s just that the video upload takes forever and if the wifi signal is weak, it won’t happen at all. It’s so much better when close to real time so I’ll keep on trying.


  2. Trail angel, Noah, comes to the rescue again. More beautiful scenery; glad it was an easy ride in perfect conditions. The record gods are with you!!


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