On the Rocks

Susie, who is driving the SAG wagon and who is a retired earth science teacher, knows something about rocks. At the top of a hill where we met up early in today’s ride, she pointed out petrified sand dunes.Petrified Sand Dunes

The rock highlight of the day was my ride through Tsegi Canyon. Just in case the embedded video doesn’t work, here is the link to Tsegi Canyon ride.

Expect the Unexpected continues. I approached a couple in Tonalea at the only store in the 73 miles between Tuba City and Kayenta to see if they would be witnesses for Guinness World Records. The guy hesitated a bit until the gal translated for him — in Italian! I understood and continued the conversation in Italian. Ricardo and Eleonora were on their honeymoon exploring much of the United States!Ricardo and Eleonora in Tonalea

This pair of rock columns is a prelude to what we will see tomorrow: Monument Valley.Rock Spires - Prelude to Monument Valley

Ride details

Start location: Tuba City AZ

End location: Kayenta AZ

Distance: 72.5 miles

Cumulative distance: 697 miles

Elevation gain: 2444.2 feet

Strava track: https://www.strava.com/activities/704320534


28 thoughts on “On the Rocks

    1. LOL! I had driven this section in reverse with my son on the way to CA so I knew to expect it. And about the trucks, all those rides on roads we did got me pretty ready for that. The rear view mirror helps A LOT! And all the lights on my head, too!


  1. Lynne, I’m soaking in every word and photo. Loved seeing a different view of the Grand Canyon and sent that post to my daughter in CA, who’s going to do work near/at the Canyon (AZ) for a few days next week.
    – Really cool, tonight’s post with the rock formations and the meet-up with Italian honeymooners. GO FOR IT.


    1. I can picture us talking excitedly at reunion about this. Your enthusiasm and understanding of the venture on so many levels meant so much to me.
      What kind of work will your daughter be doing at the canyon?


  2. When you told me about the witness requirement before you left, I thought “What a pain. “. I never realized that it would provide you with regular opportunities to meet interesting people and get them interested in and supporting your trip. I am so proud of you for taking time to enjoy the sights and experience the land. It’s so tempting to just get it done. Cheers!


    1. The record keeping is a pain but it tempers the day and Susie helps a lot! The rhythm we’ve gotten into us to ride early and have afternoons for record keeping, napping, and sightseeing It’s working so far.


  3. That is beautiful! I’m sure they were just as surprised as you were that they met someone who speaks Italian! I’m wondering what you’re thinking about while you’re on the road. Is your mind wandering, are you focussed on the scenery, traffic, and road and weather conditions?


    1. Great question, Jill. My mind is not wandering. I constantly scan my rear view mirror for arriving traffic and monitor the road surface. In tranquil places, I really enjoy the scenery and it pulls me along. I sometimes miss some of the scenery because the traffic and road surface are vital to my safety, but that is not different from road rides at home. I also look at the cue sheet and especially the elevation profile to see what’s coming. But I also remind myself to be in the moment. “Where you are is where you belong.” Bruce Weber, Life is Like a Wheel.


  4. Hey Lynn. Love to read your blog and follow your journey. Good luck, keep pedaling, and stay safe. Two summers ago I rode the ACA Western Express route from San Francisco, Ca. to Pueblo, Co. and then to Wichita, Ks. I was going to ride all the way back to my home in Florida, but I ended early because I am a high school Social Studies teacher, and I had to get back before school started. This past summer I rode from Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada to Yellowstone National Park. Its beautiful country out West, but the summer temperatures are brutal. Keep hydrated!!
    I hope you make it all the way and get to be in the GWR. Just stay focused and don’t give up 🙂


  5. How awesome was that?!! Expect the unexpected is right – who would have thunk it?!! You see the most beautiful sites and meet the nicest and most interesting people when you ride a bike.

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  6. Lynn, how small the world is, sometimes. I was in the Tonalea store back in 2006 on my Harley ride to the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley on Hwy 160 and 163. That is great nature. Have a safe ride.

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  7. Talk about coincidence! The Italian couple encounter must have blown you away, Lynea! It certainly blew me away! Although I don’t comment on every blog post, I am following you closely and living vicariously through you! Rock on!

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