Go Down to the Creek. A Wise Man Awaits You.

Sedona seduced us. We rode only from Cornville to Sedona (at first), just 14 miles. A cyclist named Brian rode alongside me for one of the miles. He and his wife had vacationed in the area for years and finally decided to move here. Sedona, Jerome, Prescott, Cottonwood — all have an allure. Susie and I decided to be car tourists in Sedona and catch the best sites recommended by Sandra, my sister-in-law, who loves the area. One was the mesa by the airport that had a stunning view to the west.Panoramic shot from airport mesa

Sandra suggested another nice side trip – the Red Rock Loop Road – for a great view of Cathedral Rocks.Cathedral Rocks through tree

Sandra said we could turn off the loop road onto Red Rock Crossing and find a day use area along Oak Creek with a view of Cathedral Rocks.

Cathedral Rocks reflected in oak creek
Photo by Sandra’s Dad

Susie and I were oohing and ahhing as we casually explored the loop road when Sandra said, “Dad is on the other side of the creek waiting for you to say hi. He’s the guy with the small white dog.” Huh? I was about to meet her dad???? I didn’t know he was waiting for me! Within 10 minutes of Susie dropping me off there, indeed, I found him.Sandras DadThe creek was a bit too deep and its bottom too slippery for me to cross so we had a conversation across the creek. I asked how long he had been there. He held up both empty wrists. He said he didn’t know because he hasn’t worn a watch since he retired. Wise indeed.

With our Sedona tourist duties thoroughly met, including a delicious lunch at Pisa Lisa, I continued the ride to Flagstaff, knowing that I was going against the advice of some, but not all, the local cyclists, to avoid cycling in Sedona and certainly not to ride up Oak Creek Canyon. Like the crossing of Mingus Mountain yesterday, the pull of seeing Oak Creek Canyon was just too strong. This was so in spite of the promised narrow windy steep switchbacks I was told I’d have to do to exit the canyon.

Switchback road

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.29.46 AM

Ride Details

Start location: Cornville AZ

End location: Flagstaff AZ

Distance: 50.8 miles

Cumulative distance: 548.8 miles

Elevation gain: 4,672 ft

Strava track: https://www.strava.com/activities/700942989


10 thoughts on “Go Down to the Creek. A Wise Man Awaits You.

  1. Spectacular views! Fabulous photos! Thanks so much for sharing the ride and the joy.
    I’ve gotten a sense of the switchbacks by using Google maps “street view”… really awesome.
    Happy Labor Day Lynn and Susie.


    1. Alas, we have moved on from Sedona to Flagstaff (I forgot to mention that I was blown in by a brisk tailwind!) and tomorrow head for Tuba City. The switchbacks went on for about two miles and were not as steep as Mingus Mountain. Very pretty way to end the ride through the canyon!


  2. Gorgeous photos, Lynnea! I ache to be as independent and fearless as you are!! Brad and I rode the canal from Harper’s Ferry to Shepherdstown (and back of course) on Monday, and I must admit, I was glad when it was over. There is some nice scenery, but flat and straight gets boring after awhile! Flat and straight, haha! Bet you could do with a little of that for just a little while!


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