Hot and Hotter

Given the forecast for the day’s temperature, we continued our early morning strategy and set an alarm for 4:30 AM. I started riding by 6 AM from Glamis. This time of the year, Glamis is in hibernation, but in late October, thousands of visitors swarm the place for a  major off-road vehicle event.


For ten miles, the road rose gently as it passed an enormous fenced-in property with giant clearly human-made mounds. Upon investigation, we learned that it is the site of the adjacent Mesquite Regional Landfill and Mesquite Gold Mine.

The next 20 miles were downward trending, but not smooth. The earth is wrinkled here. The local term used on road signs is “dips.” I rode this section last fall and remembered it as being a lot of fun to cycle, with each downhill providing enough momentum to get up the next uphill. See Desert Dips from my blog last fall for more.

The final 30 miles of the day were flattish and distinctly agricultural, passing through the towns of Palo Verde and Ripley. Ten miles into this portion, I entered a new county and the pavement changed from exhausting chip seal to smooth asphalt. What a relief.

By the time I cycled into Blythe, the temperature had reached 102 degrees — hot — but it would get hotter. When we went to lunch, it was 117 degrees outside. It felt like an oven even in profound shade. Water from the faucet had two temperatures — hot and hotter.


When I poured water over my bike to wash off an accumulation of desert sand and dirt, the water evaporated off the sidewalk in less than 5 minutes. Even at 7 PM, it was still 106 degrees. We will continue our early morning strategy as we head to Parker, Arizona tomorrow.

Ride details

Start location: Glamis, CA

End location: Blythe, CA

Distance: 60.4 miles

Elevation gain: 1260 feet (pretty flat)

Cumulative distance: 239.4 miles

Strava track:





12 thoughts on “Hot and Hotter

  1. Big huzzah and congratulations, these first days. I’ve been following every word and loved the photo of dipping your bike in the Pacific. I hope you are gaining energy from our comments.. I sure feel energized by your ride!!! All the best. Be strong.


  2. Wow. What an adventure. We are following every day with great interest. So glad Susie is with you keeping you hydrated and energized. Stay safe.


    1. Continued in desert today. Done before noon. 111 degrees. We fill water bottles with ice, but as soon as the ice melts, the water temperature rises and the water doesn’t hydrate anymore. By the end of today, that happened in the span of about five minutes!


  3. Great reading each day. Im feeling for you. Most of the places you are mentioning are still fresh in my mind from May. Didnt hit a 100 though. It was 20 degrees cooler the locals told me than normal. Loved the imperial sand dunes. Dips were fun and scary with 16 wheelers barreling over them. Keep up the good work. You are doing great. God bless and have a great day. Guy


  4. Hope you had a decent place to stay in Blythe with hot(do I mean to say hot?) showers. We are all riding with you,atleastin spirit..


  5. I was thinking about you today as I was riding my bike and realized that you have overcome so many fears to do this ride (think Custis Trail). Now you are climbing and descending fearlessly! That is incredible!

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  6. It feels hot in Virginia now, but reading this puts our heat into perspective. The humidity must be low if water evaporates so quickly. So glad you have help to stay hydrated and safe. Please tell Suzie we are all grateful that she is taking such good care of you.


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