Bridges Connect

The Colorado River separates California and Arizona but today I crossed a bridge that connects them. Arizona is to the left, California is to the right.img_4279

I’ve crossed or encountered lots of bridges during my travels on my bicycle. I like that bridges connect.

Ride details

Start: Blythe CA

End: Parker AZ

Distance: 53.1 miles

Cumulative Distance: 292.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 741 feet (flattish with dips)

Feature: First state crossing – CA to AZ

Strava track:


8 thoughts on “Bridges Connect

  1. What a great border crossing! I love your bridge photos and remember being with you when you took some of them. Connections are important. Thanks for staying connected with us during your travels.


  2. Hi Susie and Lynn, Wow— into a second state! I read and enjoy every word and photo! I missed your “Ride details” today and the Strava Track and mapping info. (I love maps!) FYI- A two minute bike ride from my back door will get you to the Connecticut River, where the oldest continually operating ferry in the USA will take you across the river (crossing time 4 minutes).
    Connecting with you – Hugs


    1. Thanks, Betty! Right after I published yesterday’s blog, I realized I forgot the ride details. I added them and updated. I believe you’ll see them if you click on the title again.


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