Just Another Bike Ride

I had preconceived fancy notions to title this blog “From Infinite Ocean to Endless Heavens,” but as soon as I started to ride today, the better title emerged. I was on just another bike ride.

That is, except for:

  • Dipping my bike wheel in the Pacific Ocean
  • The sendoff by the Oceanside policemen who came to be witnesses for Guinness World Records as well as my dear friend Allison who made it happen to be there!
  • The challenge coin one of the officers gave me that he had earned for his participation on a swat team
  • Missing a turn and ending up at the entrance to Camp Pendleton with a rifle pointed at me (only four miles ridden by mistake and it was flat)
  • Climbing a 12% grade hill for half a mile (I’m so glad I climbed Mt. Weather in training to prepare for this one!)
  • Ice water and cheerleading by Susie, my dear friend, at dozens of points along the way.
  • Climbing Old Castle Road at 6% grade for two miles
  • A jarring long steep descent on a very rough road toward Harrah’s Casino, a blemish on the pristine area
  • A four-mile climb at 7+% pitch to end the ride. (I’m so glad I rode on Skyline Drive three times to mentally and physically prepare for this one!) At several points, I felt a gentle cool tailwind and I am certain it was the collective well wishes of all my friends and those of you who have kindly chosen to follow my ride. I will sleep well tonight knowing that climb is done.
  • An idyllic pleasantly warm afternoon on the patio of our room at Lazy H Ranch, with WiFi, hot shower and clean dry towels, and a soft bed

 I am so grateful for the enthusiasm expressed by so many people for my ride and my quest. One of them is George Thomas, a RAAM Radio host who emceed the RAAM finish in Annapolis in June, where I met him when my friend, Joan, and I went to Annapolis (on our bikes, of course), to witness the first RAAM racers come in in June. George recorded this podcast last night before the ride began.


Details of today’s ride:

Oceanside to Rincon, CA

49.8 miles

4521 feet of elevation gain

4 hrs 45 minutes



36 thoughts on “Just Another Bike Ride

  1. What a great start to your trip! I love the podcast!! You continue to amaze me.

    Your title reminds me of Nadine calling Lorraine “not just any hill”. It was not on our route today, but we felt strong enough to ride it anyway just for the fun of it. Nadine was warning Mindy that it wasn’t “just any hill” we were adding.


  2. Thanks for sharing today’s ride. Wish I could be there with you. Love the interview with George Thomas-cool, as are YOU! Go Lynn!


  3. As we prepare to leave our lazy beach vacation on the Outer Banks of NC, we are sending you all the energy we aren’t expending. What a great start. Can’t wait to was all about the trip.


  4. Amazing beginning! You are a BEAST! May the wind be at your back, and you get some smooth downhill in the shade. Looking forward to your blog posts.


  5. Hello! It’s great inspiration to see you making this journey. Not surprising, you were a wonderful science teacher and unique person at Western Jr. High. very best wishes for reaching your goal, if anyone can do it I think it’s you!


  6. Lady Lynn, you are on your way – and your “measured” words in the first interview made your trip sound like “just another trip” with the administrative work for the Guinness requirements being the toughest part of it all; that might only be true when you rush downhill to collect momentum for the next uphill. I am sitting here in the comfort of an air-conditioned room and think of you often, remembering the hot days in October-2015 when I met you “from El Paso to Austin”. Wishing you safe going, no flats, and plenty of “Umpf” to make each days miles.


  7. Wonderful that you’re off and going! Hope you find a cool end to your ride today. Get interview by George! Hi from Susie’s sister.


  8. I am loving these posts!!!! You inspired me this morning. I went to a wedding, had too much wine… Woke up this morning and just wanted to stay in bed. I listened to the podcast and thought….. Lynn is out there now…. Get your ass out of bed Rita and ride. So I did… Only did 50 km but IQ thought of you when the riding got steep or I felt tired!!! You are an inspiration Lynn. I met you for about twenty minutes and you will stay with me forever!!!!!


  9. Lynn — i’m a little late to this party, but I’m here now! Cheering you on every step, I mean, wheel rotation of the way! You are AMAZING! I am not sure I can make it to Flagstaff (see email). Love you and your grit!!


      1. I re read your note about wrong way for 4 miles, ( it was flat) now I see it was not your tire but the road that was flat.


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